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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Capoeira by the Beach

At one end of Ipanema beach is a rocky outcrop which we (not the Brazilians) call The Rocky Outcrop.

We climbed TRO one fine sunny day, hoping to get a good view of the seals along Ipanema. Unfortunately, we only managed to get pictures of people who look like seals from afar. Good enough, I guess.

Better enjoy this beach before 12 December 2012! :)

But the bonus was, we stumbled upon a crew filming a foursome atop TRO. Took a video of the foursome, edited it, and now, uploaded it for your viewing pleasure! :)

It's amazing how these guys were so smooth and slow and sure in their movements. Interestingly enough, they were so good that we abandoned our plans to take up capoeira while in Rio de Janeiro. Simply because we only had time for one lesson, and it seemed wasteful to pay money just to learn the basic steps with no follow up lessons, knowing for sure, that we would be at nowhere near this level when we're done.

As the wife says, "I can't even do a handstand!"


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