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Thursday, April 22, 2010

"High"-lights of South America

Hello, hello!

It's irrepressible, licentious Dannie again! It's been a long time since I posted an entry on this blog. We were near the end of our trip, and I made a bargain with the wife - she finishes the rest of the entries on the trip, and I'll put my newfound technical expertise at work to create what we call 'finale' videos.

It's been almost three months since we returned to Singapore, and our lives have been caught up with family, friends, food, work (Yi Lin just slid right back into her old job - it's like she never left! - and I am looking for a job that I will be happy at). I am also getting re-acquainted with my Playstation 3! Life is good :)

Ooooh... roti prata!

The bad news is that I took slightly more than a month to play and complete Final Fantasy 13, and while it was incomplete, I just couldn't tear myself away for the necessary number of hours to focus on any videos. The wife has been extremely patient with me there, and I love her for giving me the space I wanted.

The good news is the new video is done! This video focuses on the times we were in high places in South America. We paraglided and abseiled down a waterfall in San Gil, Colombia. We got tired out on a 2-hour trek up a mountain in Otavalo, Ecuador, and that was still peanuts compared to our trek in Huaraz with Ching Ching. We decided to give up after a day, and our tortured countenances turned into smiles and laughter. We took the easy way to Machu Picchu by riding the train to Aguas Caliente, but still dashed up the neighbouring Waynapicchu for a condor's-eye view of the MP ruins. We boarded a 45-minute flight to overfly the Nazcar lines and were pretty damned proud that we did not barf on the flight. We climbed a volcano in Guatemala, and were very fortunate to have a couple of fire-dancers in our group. They gave us a beautiful show atop the volcano, with a sea of clouds tinged with the color of the setting sun behind them. And in Brazil, we found the helicopter ride to fly past the statue of Christ the Redeemer so expensive that the wife had to stay grounded while I flew. But hey, at least I saw the stadium where Brazil will win the World Cup in 2014! :)

Making this video has been a very nice trip down memory lane. I hope readers of our blog since the beginning of our journey take the opportunity to reminisce with us. Click on any of the above links to see our stories, or go straight into the video below!


Granny Smith Bandit said...

Brrrrrilliant! Dan at waterfall confirm a Men's Health front page worthy pic. Yilin, you look awesome abbing down that waterfall!

Tan Wee Cheng said...

Hello guys, Wee Cheng here. Just got back from 2 months in the South Pacific. Read a report in today's ST about another couple motorcycling round the world and suddenly remember our earlier correspondence. Well-settled at home? The next sgtravelcafe is on Fri 13 August. Want to join us? Come and meet other travellers!

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