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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nothing In Pictures

Yups, nothing.

Cos since we pretty much did nothing significant except live very normally for five days in Thailand. So..... there's nothing to blog about!

From the start, this was especially planned to be a very uneventful trip. I had just spent the last 4.5 months since returning to work rushing out some majorly major projects and was pooped to the bone when the work finally wrapped up in mid-July. All I really really really wanted to do after that was to sleep.

Sleep on the plane.
Sleep in bed.
Sleep on the deckchair by the pool.
Sleep on the deckchair on the beach.
Sleep on the massage bed in the spa.

Yeah, basically I just went to Thailand to sleep around. Er, with the husband. Only the husband.

Ko Samui is, of course, notorious for its all-night-long Full Moon parties on Ko Phangan, where up to 12,000 (and that's only for the low season) people gather on the beach and get raving high. I think it would have just given me a raging headache. Okay, I'll just admit it here then: I'm OLD and SUPER unhip! Bah.

Flights to Ko Samui on Bangkok Airways (the only airline that flies direct from Singapore) cost $400 per person, inclusive of taxes. Nope, not cheap. But until more airlines operate a direct route between our two islands, it's not going to get any cheaper. And especially not from end-July onwards, as it builds up towards the peak tourist season for Thailand.

Through a contact in the travel trade, we got wind of a fantastic deal at the Nora Buri Resort & Spa, located along Chaweng beach, just minutes from the airport. "Minutes from the airport" was a key factor in deciding on our choice of accommodation. We had had enough of 8-hour self-drives and 20-hour bus rides on our Americas trip, and just wanted to get to our hotel room as quickly as possible (no, not because we couldn't wait to tear each other's.... oh wait, there are kids who read our blog. Sorry mums and dads!)

The Resort was having a "buy 1 night, get 1 night free" offer, with free airport transfers, daily breakfast, one free dinner, free WiFi and spa discounts, and no limit to the number of free nights! Furthermore, we asked nicely and got upgraded to A PRIVATE POOL VILLA! *jumps up and down* It worked out to about S$100 per night for both of us, in a newly opened luxury resort. Awesome.

So, here is five days of pure nothingness in pictures:

View of the resort from The Barge restaurant

Chaweng Beach at low tide, as seen from our villa

My private pool

His private playground

Villa interior

At the spa at the Nora Buri Hotel in Chaweng town

Enjoying my daily slew of Thai treats: body massage, foot massage, pedicure - all for a few Singapore dollars each

Taking advantage of the free daily shuttles into Chaweng town for lunch

Cheap (but not very nice) Thai food in a simple eatery

Whacking a Samurai pork burger at Maccers in town

Wood-fired pizza and ice-cold local beer

Complimentary candlelight set dinner at the resort's Thai restaurant. It was very good.

When we got lazy to walk to the restaurant - room service!

My pickings from the breakfast buffet on our last day in Ko Samui - a vain attempt to be healthy

The quaint, rustic check-in counter at Ko Samui Airport

The little outdooor pedestrian mall, lined with shops and cafes, that leads passengers from the main terminal to our gate to board the flight

The departure lounge

And if you're reading this.... wow, you've made it through this really boring post about our nothing trip!

Okay, the next post will be better. I promise.


Z said...

hello! i've been following your travel adventures for some time and am absolutely envious of your time in South America. it's very inspiring and my other half and i hope we can do something like that soon too :)

anyway, i really like the koh samui airport too. probably the most quaint airport around!

Yi Lin said...

Hi Z,

Thank you SO much for reading our blog AND for leaving a comment. It's so nice when people drop by to say hello :) Don't be envious - I'm sure your time will come, hopefully sooner rather than later. Just start saving up now, so that when the time is ripe, you can just GO without too much worry. Things at home will settle themselves somehow with some good planning and the help of family and friends.

In the meantime, I hope you have lots of nice trips to nearby destinations, yups, like pretty places in Thailand.

Here's a sneak preview into our next post: we're off to Italy! Totally by chance. An unexpected trip in early Nov. Stay tuned!

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