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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Echoes of Fame

Famouser and famouser!

On 21 July, our travel blog was
featured in The Straits Times, causing our readership to skyrocket to about 500 unique hits.

Apparently, The Straits Times also works with the Asia News Network, which consolidates stories from the papers all over Asia. The aforementioned Straits Times article was one of the stories featured in their weekly e-magazine.

The article remains identical in content, but only the wife's picture on a canoe has been retained. Those who want to see the repackaged article can download the magazine here.



Stephanie said...

woohoo!! and this is how i came across your blog. :)

Dannie said...

@Stephanie: Really? Wow! I did not notice any large increases in visitor numbers, so was wondering who reads the Asia News Network!

Cool! And thanks for staying with us! :)

singaporeshortstories.blogspot.com said...

Its Great to travel around the world, taking in all the beautiful sights the world has to offer! Cheers :)

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