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Monday, August 10, 2009

Macondo Guesthouse

If like us, you're looking for high adventure in San Gil, there's no better place to stay at than
Macondo Guesthouse on Calle 12. This is the centre of activity in San Gil for waterfall-rappelling Tarzans and Janes, parapenting Winged Monkeys and crazy bungee Jumping Beans. Beyond catering for adventure sports enthusiasts, Macondo is also where all the social buzz is. Even non-guests are welcomed to gather in the common area for a game of Risk, Uno, Cranium or Jenga (They had Settlers of Catan too but no one seemed to wanna play that! Why?!) Be sure to pick the correct bathroom though - only one of them has a hot water shower!

The funny cat and the lovely staff in the background who has a smile for everyone (the lady, not the cat)

A huge wooden table makes a good setting for boardgames and group conversations. Too bad about the smoking though *cough cough*

Huge open roof in the courtyard, which lets in plenty of fresh air (but not enough to counter the cigarette smoke), sunshine ... and rain...

A wallful of hostel recommendations, a fridgeful of Coke, beer and cold water... and a ledgeful of empty liquour bottles...

Like I said, empty liquour bottles... but no drunks in the hostel though!

Our private double room

Inside our private double room... birds on a wire

The whiteboard where everyone signs up for the day's adventure tours

The funny cat again, which is oh-so-adorable. He makes me wanna turn into cat person!


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