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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dan's New Year Resolutions

I'm not really the kind to make resolutions in the New Year, other than the ones jokingly made to deflower virgins (circa 1990s), lose weight (circa 2000s) and have three kids by end of the year (since getting married).

Maybe because I have been brought up to keep the promises I make, and resolutions are basically just promises to myself. Why make a promise I know I will break?

But this year is special. I spent most of 2009 traveling, seeing and experiencing the many wonders that are found in the Americas. More importantly, the time spent thinking and reassessing myself and my life. So, for 2010, I have decided to make resolutions in much the same way that I would have received targets for work - resolutions that are ambitious yet achievable, and deliver genuine benefits.

My objectives are:
1) To show to my family that I value them
2) To improve myself so as to take my career to another level
3) To maintain good health
4) To keep me happy with life in general

So, here goes:

1a) Cook a meal for the family at least once a week. Of course, the cooking we've done thus far has been very simple. So, if the family wants quality and variety, I guess they would have to guide me along. And my dad is a very, very VERY good cook! :)

1b) Go for at least one dive trip with my cousin Aini.

1c) Organise at least one get-together event for cousins and siblings. Just for the fun of it.

2a) Read 2 self-improvement/management related books. It's been more than a decade since I read 7 Habits for Highly Effective People and nothing else since then. That's horrible! So, any recommendations, anyone?

2b) Join Toastmasters to improve my public speaking and conversational skills. I can't just keep making dirty jokes to get people to listen to me, right?

2c) Get myself into a 'Green Team' in the next company I work for, to learn about and implement green practices in the company.

3a) Gym and/or swim and blade at least 3 times a week, with emphasis on improving my metabolism. And friends are welcome to join me!

3b) Start with 2 sessions of 30 pushups a day, work up to 2 sessions of 50, and maintain for the rest of the year. Very modest targets, but anything more would take up too much time. I just want to maintain, anyway.

3c) Cut down to one visit to KFC per month. *sob*

4a) Replay God of War I and II in God Mode, then play God of War III. Because Kratos rocks!

4b) Read the entire Star Wars: Legacy of the Force series, which chronicles the path of Jacen Solo (Han Solo's son) into the Dark Side.

4c) Attend and bring more friends to Budak Pantai concerts. And check out at least one MiCapella performance too!

There are going to be provisos, of course. Provisos are necessary to ensure that I do not wilfully break my resolutions. So, some of these resolutions will get thrown out if I get an overseas posting, for example. It's hard to foresee what will happen in the coming year, but I'll just take it as it comes!


Lint said...

As a xmas present, u can raid my small small library. I've some management books in there. As for KFC, haha, count me out, you're on your own buddy!!!!!!

niccole said...

@1c About time u should dan! I'll hold ur word to that! Go brunch with me! =D

Dannie said...

Lint: Okay, thanks! I'll check them out when I go over your place next month! :D

nicc: Brunch? Onz! You kept making me drool with our blog anyway!

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