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Saturday, December 12, 2009

We're Cookin' and Good Lookin'!

ALERT: This post contains pictures of women in sexy bikinis. But... oi, OI! What the hell!? Eh, don't straightaway scroll down lah! Read the posts and enjoy the anticipation can? Piang.

Having spent my entire working career in the travel industry, it comes as no surprise that I actually subscribe to a couple of travel-related news feeds.

So it was one evening in Argentina when I read a news blurb on an island state called Santa Catarina in Brazil on Asia Travel Tips.

Low level of crime... good. Blessed with a wealth of natural attractions.. good. Sun and beach tourism... good! Everything sounded good, so we decided to add one more stop for our itinerary in Brazil. Instead of traveling from Foz do Iguassu to Rio de Janeiro, we decided to stop over for 5 nights in Florianopolis (also known as Floripa), which is the capital of the state.

Anyway, you guys are all getting bored already, right? I can sense that you are all dying to scroll down. Well, if you do, you will not hear the story of how we came across an elephant with an evil purple monkey on its head trying swim the the lake! So... stick with me here... let me tell my story!

Excited at finally being at the beach, we headed off for Praia Mole the next day. Pria Mole is about 1.5km uphill, then downhill away from our guesthouse. Good exercise, and a great warm-up for all the exercise we were not going to do on the beach! Yay!

But when we finally arrived at the beach, all we wanted to do was to dig ourselves into a hole and stay there in shame. Damnit, everybody there looked so good! Deliciously divine, as they say.

While, in the meantime, the 2 tourists from Singapore, having spent the past few months bundled up in cold countries, were a horrible pasty white. As if that wasn't horrible enough, we just spent the past week visiting Iguazu Falls/Foz do Iguassu, which are National Parks with their multitudes of itsy-bitsy biting insects.

And the swimwear that we bought could no longer cut it. After all, some of the elastic parts seem so much looser now too. Did we lose weight? Or did they suddenly expand from the heat? Hmm...

The wife will document our swimwear buying adventures in her next post.

After feeling so yucks the first time at the beach, we returned 2 more times, confidence restored! Oh, there were other beaches too, but Praia Mole was within walking distance. The others were not. Besides, with it's clean sands, warm sun with occasional wind, it was already an award-winning beach for us. We really had no incentive to check out the other beaches!

The elephant with an evil purple monkey on its head does not exist. I'm going to finish off the post with pictures now. Enjoy! :)

Havianas, the official footwear in Brazil

Paragliders can land on you at any moment on the beach!

Dudes hitting the waves

The waves here were quite magnificent, but scary. You can stand shin-deep right at the waters edge and suddenly be submerged up to chest level!

Sarongs in Brazil are called khangas. These are sold for between 10 to 15 Reals each

Oh look! A whale tail!

Fits her to a T

Snow is cool, butt I love the sun more!

The wife, with the upgraded look for our second day to the beach


Zen. said...

Oooh! Nice brown! Nicely baked I see! =)

Something I need too!

Tracy Su said...

I don't think you guys should have felt like you were in these people's shadow.

So what the new improved bikini like? Let's have a look! =)

Debra said...

Never thought I'd ever be saying this but wow Brazilian babes have really nice behinds :)

Yi Lin said...

Brazilian babes have nice EVERYTHING!!!! Abundant boobs, small waists and long long long legs. Sigh. I've never been to a more beautiful beach in terms of people and vibe in my life. Ppl here LIVE for the beach, and live their lives on it. Plotting to revamp Singapore's beaches now...

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