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Friday, December 11, 2009

Heads Up!

We are disappointed.

Disappointed with our readers and friends on Facebook.

Because out of all of you, only TWO people expressed shock at seeing a photo of a poor headless bird on our blog and asked us what happened to its head.

Judging from the lack of reactions at something so bizarre, it seems that it's pretty normal nowadays to see a living, breathing, talking (okay, not really), walking bird to be standing around with a hole where it's neck should be.

Or maybe we shouldn't be posting such a picture between Thanksgiving and Christmas where it IS pretty normal to see a headless bird - on the dinner table.

Okay, our bad then! We shan't scold you anymore. But hey, where's your sense of wonder, people? Horrific sights of headless birds belong to your local chicken rice stall - not in a bird park!

Dan was the first spot the anomaly. I was watching the pink residents in the flamingo enclosure (b-o-r-i-i-i-i-n-g after seeing wild flamingos in Bolivia) when I heard Dan scream, "WHAT THE ****!!!! Baby look at this!!!"

I turned and looked.

WHAT THE ****!!!!

Mummy? Er, mum? You there? I seem to have misplaced my head. Help check the sock drawer please Mum?

At my feet stood what looked like a bright blue Easter egg. But it was feathery. It had feet. And it wasn't an egg.

For a split second, we were dumbstruck at the strange sight. Then we were horrified. Then when we got over our initial shock, we couldn't stop laughing at how silly it looked.

For those who asked, Zoelle (no, really, unlike what Dan told you - people don't throw birdseed into the hole to feed it) and Debra (we hope that you've gotten over your shock.. dun scared, dun scared *pat pat*), here is the mystery revealed.

We heaved a sigh of relief and turned back towards the flamingos....

... and WHAT THE ****!!!!

Hey, hey dear, let's play "I Spy". I spy with my little eye... oh, oh, wait. We have a problem.

Whazzit with these birds! Scaring poor people like that!


smitten with said...

ah....thanks for the video!!!
the picture so misleading!


Tracy Su said...

That's funny, I didn't even notice the hole. I just thought the bird's head was turned...which it WAS!! You guys are so funny...

Tracy Su said...

Oooh ooooo....was the bird a turtle dove? =)

TK said...

Right Dan..was just sharing with my dear wife during dinner that that's where we should be heading next...hokkaido and elsewhere can wait! U guys can help us plan when u're back.The coatis looks rather like the musang that has recently been spotted in the Siglap area (because of many fruit trees in the residences). But musangs are rather nocturnal I think. Looking at the leaf-insect, my girls shouldn't be moaning over their legs...can u imagine managing those extra lengths???? Great pics. Luv, Dad.

Yi Lin said...

Aiyah, Trace, so you guessed right... too smart, too smart. Boo! :P As for it being a turtle dove, Dan says you hit the snail (yes, the snail) right on the head! (I didn't get the turtle joke at first... you and Dan have the same corny humour!) I'm sure it's not a dove tho - it's a half-hatched colourful round little Easter egg walking around!

Dad, ahem, this post was written by YOUR GIRL! The previous insect/spider/coati post was written by Dan. The coatis were really pesky actually - pestering ppl for food, tearing into bins and throwing the trash out. But I guess they were in the rainforest first before humans turned it into a park. Hope the musangs are better behaved. Yes, visit the Iguazu Falls soon - you never know if they will dry up cos of freak climate changes. We will help you plan - budget more for flights to avoid the painfully long bus rides tho!

Yi Lin said...

Zoelle: Heh, you're most welcome. I like your reaction to Dan's photo tho. Hope you weren't too puzzled by his nonsense answer!

Yeepster said...

I just thought 'Dan & Yilin will have bird for dinner tonite'.

Yi Lin said...

You only think about food lah!

Debra said...

HAHA, I thought it was some rare species of bird (like the blue-footed booby) that has no head - obviously mummyhood has robbed me of some brain cells!

Yi Lin said...

Aiyoh! Where got bird with no head! Zoelle's a mummy too... so that explains the funny questions from you two! Nmind, as long as Sean believes that his mummy the smartest person in the whole world - it's okay. That's all that matters! (Just don't tell him about birds with no head...)

Lint said...

OMG this post is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Esp the flamingos, which were short of a head and a leg!!!!!!!

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