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Friday, September 18, 2009

Birds of Different Feathers...

Okay, here's another video with footage from Ecuador. The wife might have thought that she closed the chapter on Ecuador a couple of posts ago, but I'm not done yet!

Please, enjoy looking at my birdies! :)

Note: I wish the video quality was better, but Youtube blocked the audio for this video because it did not have pre-arranged rights to host this song. Blogger allows it, but video quality suffers. Sigh.


aud said...

you know your birds very well hor...?

forex course said...

Nice video. Its very interesting and informative. Thanks for sharing it.

Dannie said...

aud: Some are generic names, and some are the reason why we took the tour to Isla de la Plata. The rest is just plain research! :)

forex: Welcome!

WeLoveRoy said...

heh heh.. Bird watching... heh heh

Dannie said...

Roy: Yeah... and when we were taking photos/videoing... we were shooting birds.

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