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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Legend of the Doorcrawler

Everyone knows what grasshoppers are, right? They make their habitat in the grass, they look like blades of grass and they hop around. That's how they got their name.

Well, we got visited by one of their insect relatives while we were in Mindo. I was still in the restaurant at our hostel, finishing off some MyBrute
fights, and the wife decided to make her way to the room first. Within 2 minutes, she was back by my side again.

"There's a giant grasshopper on our door!"
"Feh. Grasshopper? You're afraid of grasshoppers meh?"

I quickly finished up my games and packed up and went back with her to the room, and I got myself a pretty big shock!

Eep! There was a giant grasshopper on our door!

Or maybe not.

It sure looked like a grasshopper, but it was obviously not in the grass. It was on the door to our room.

And it wasn't hopping. It was crawling, quite determinedly attempting to scale our door. I thought that once once it reached the obstacle presented by the door latch, it would stop.

Nope! It just crawled right over it! And what's more, it stood on the latch and seemed to use it as a boost to go even further!

Then, I thought that if I put my camera right above it and shot the crawler in super-marco mode, it would stop. Most critters can't comprehend it when an obstacle is placed about 1cm in their path, and would either stop or move around.

Not this feisty guy! It really seemed to be on a mission here, so after yet another macro-shot to the head, I decided to just shoo the wife past it into our room and lock the doors before it could think to fly/hop/crawl in.

Thankfully, that worked, and the crawler did not decide to jump into the wife's hair or anything. Otherwise, I think people 2 towns away would have heard her shriek!

Before we left it alone for the rest of the night, the wife wanted me to put my hand right next to it and take a picture, so that everyone would know how big this bug was.

I then thought that using her sock would be able to help everyone visualise the size of this Doorcrawler better. With the sock, you can imagine what it would be like if something like this landed on your foot!

Okay, enough of disturbing the Doorcrawler! Seeing the determination in its face, I figure it must be off to do battle with its evil nemesis, Dr Blue-Footed Booby! We shall not stand in the way of justice!


Tracy Su said...

Wooo, that grasshopper is supercool! Much cooler than the caterpillar shots which gave me the willies slightly cos of the squishy description. Eep!

Although the frog pond post gave me the williest willies. Your macro shots are so macro that I fear I woulda leapt over my seat if there had been a froggie one peering out at me. Yes, I have a weird phobia too.

mantou said...

oooh! i've seen an almost identical one in the office bintan chalet before! and unfortunately, we unknowingly broke its leg when we opened the toilet door inside which it was hiding...

Dannie said...

Tracy: Yeah... you know. We only bring you the coolest news :)

Anyway, while I did go for the head-on macro shot, I was all prepared to scream like a girl if it jumped!

Mantou: Ouch. A grass-paikah? Tsk tsk!

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