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Friday, September 11, 2009

Little Women

Seen in and around Cuenca: little indigenous women dressed in a mishmash of bold colours and stylish hats!

Donning a hat to strut down the street with oranges for sale

Looking fab while waiting to board the bus in Guayaquil.

So what if she doesn't own a Gucci or LV to tote her stuff around in? Her spiffy hat and hot pink skirt speaks volumes about personal style.

Okay, these aren't women but the guys have their own colourful outfits to show off too!


Tracy Su said...

Those women remind me of Tibetans...all wearing the same style of hat and those big poofy skirts. The complexion too! Funny how people living across the world can look so similar. I think that about some of the architecture too, some of your pictures could've been taken in Singapore! (haven't been using your secret stash, have you?) hehehe

Liming said...

Is it just me, or are they really short?

Yi Lin said...

Trace - yeah! I asked Dan whether, if my nose were sharper (it's unfortunately rather flat), I would look like some of the Ecuadorian women. I remember reading something about how the Ice Age created an ice bridge linking Siberia to Alaska. Asians crossed the bridge over to North America, then down to South America. So they were supposedly the first natives on the continent. We met an Afghanistan couple who said that Dan could look Afghanistan too (in those communities who live near the Chinese border.)

Heh, I've hardly any pix of Spore with me! So cannot cheat like that lah.

Liming - yeah, small but strong! They carry everything on their backs in sarongs, which I'm sure are not any lighter than my backpack.

forex course said...

@Tracy Su-- I am very much concern with you. They are looking some and wearing style is looks like Tibetans.

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