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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cuenca In Pictures

Cuenca is my favourite city in Ecuador. Our 3 days in this lovely place got off to a good start with hot, blasting showers at Posada Todos Santos. For the first time during our stay in South America, bathing was a pleasure. I had to drag Dan out of the shower.

In the time spent not showering, we explored the city on foot. Cuenca has lovely buildings - but let's zoom in on what's behind the pretty facades.... stylish restaurants and good food!

Cool lamp made out of broken crockery hanging in Raymipampa

Digging into my beef crepe and Dan's "Pollo 4 Rios" after a super tiring trek. Raymipampa has good local dishes.

A traditional tamale made of corn meal, chicken, raisins and peppers, steamed in a leaf

Dipping sauces at Cafe Habibi for our kebab dinner

Gelato at Tutto Fredo, US 90 cents per scoop

Okay, so let's leave the food alone and get back to introducing the pretty city of Cuenca.

Flower stalls fronting grand buildings

Strolling along the streets here is a visual pleasure

Doesn't quite look Ecuadorian to me!

Checking out his fav WWE stuff

Even the Red Cross gets a fancy facade

Beautiful blue dome of one of the 17 churches in Cuenca

Grand entrance to the cathedral

Small stall outside the church where you can buy offerings

Lots of shoe-shine stands around...

...and I mean lots

View from inside Tutto Freddo while eating our ice-cream

Enjoying a super big class of freshly-squeezed pure mango juice for US$1

Spying on a fashion shoot on the streets

One of the churches prettily lit at night


Stephanie said...

awesome pictures!

Prabaharan said...

Hi Chos, I didn;t know you had such stamina to endure holidaying for so long! Beautiful pictures.. waht's the camera you eventually bought? Have fun.. Praba

TK said...

Ya, the buildings are lovely...the rows of terrace houses rather like our 'peranakan rows'. My SIL (son-in-law)looks good without that baby-doll haircut!

Dannie said...

Stephanie: Thanks! It's easy to take great pics when we have great subjects! :)

Praba: Thanks! We're barely halfway through our trip, so there's much more to come! My camera is the SX 200IS. The wife is using a 450D, both from Canon.

TK: What baby-doll haircut?!?

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