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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2010 Limited Edition GO Calendars - Preview Them HERE!

Back in July, when we were touring the expensive islands of the Bahamas, we posted a sad picture of me eating cocktail sausages straight out of a can for lunch.

Thankfully, a more affordable lifestyle was available in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. However, since setting foot into Chile and Argentina, we have been nervously watching our bank reserves depleting rapidly - much too rapidly. We are back to arming ourselves with the cheapest brand of white bread available and a handful of canned/salted/preserved meat for our meals.

Yes, that means no more of Argentina's famous thick, juicy grilled steaks for us
(but we've only had two so far... which we shared between us!)

Other than scaling back on our daily living expenses
(meaning crappier hostels and cheaper overnight bus rides) and travel costs (by prioritising our tours and drastically cutting down our list of destinations), we are looking at the possibility of raising enough funds to see us through till it's time to go home.

A few months back, we ran a poll on our blog asking our readers whether they would consider purchasing 2010 calendars featuring photographs taken on our trip.
We received a fairly encouraging response to the online poll, with many readers agreeing to purchase a copy for themselves to support us, and a few generous folks who said that they would get a few copies as gifts for their friends as well. Yaaaaaayyy!

Well all that polling has not come to naught, for we are going to start running the printing press very soon! Choosing
(reluctantly) to forgo a rather pricey horseback-riding excursion left us with a free day in Cordoba today, so we sat ourselves down and designed a calendar for sale.

We are now taking orders for our
Limited Edition 2010 GO Calendars featuring a collection of prized photographs taken in the USA, Caribbean, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile. We have carefully selected pictures that we hope convey the beauty and uniqueness of these destinations. (Trust me, the selection process was a very painstaking experience.)

Here's a preview of what we're setting out to print:

Item: Wall calendar (includes dates of Public Holidays in Singapore)

Size: 13 x 10.4 inches
Price: SGD40.00*

Order by: Tue 10 Nov

* Includes free delivery in Singapore. However, we hope that you can help lighten the load on our family members by collecting your orders from our house in person. Payment to be made in cash upon delivery/collection.

Update 4 Nov 2009: Delivery WILL be included for Singapore residents, provided by the printer. Payment will be via internet bank transfers. Do drop us a message for our bank account details.

(Note: the giant url planted across the photos is for copyright purposes only. It won't appear on the actual calendar.)

Front Cover


General layout for pages showing dates of the month following each photo montage












Please email your orders to degoatman@hotmail.com, stating your name and contact details (mobile number and address)

We hope that you will be able to support us in our journey by purchasing copies of our calendar. Please also help spread the word by clicking on the 'SHARE' widget at the bottom of this entry. You can post the link to this blog entry on Facebook and other online platforms, as well as email it to your friends.

We'll be looking out for your calendar orders! In the meantime, we'll be moving on with our travels and hoping to cover as much ground as we can. Catch us again in our next blog entry!


Water filter said...

Wow its ultimate very beautiful. Never seen it before. Really very nice calendar.

Dannie said...

Hi Water filter, thanks for liking our blog and posting comments!

We are pretty proud of this calendar we designed, all with photos taken by ourselves.

Remember, we can arrange for free delivery within Singapore if you place your order now!

Anonymous said...

It's coming to fruition! =D


Yi Lin said...

Zennnn (do I really have to replicate the exact no. of 'n's in your name...): yups! Now it's time to push some late-min sales before we press 'print'. Thanks for your support too :)

Anonymous said...

The photos are so awesome!
Really really nice and feel like I am already in the photo place.



heartache said...


chanced up your blogpg thru singaporedream. m a fan of his blogpage!

you have a awesome lovely calendar! wondering if you do have tabletop ones instead?

Yi Lin said...

Hi Kimmy,

Noooo, for places like Bolivia and Yellowstone, we have to lock you up in the fridge for at least 3 days with the calendar to look at - then you can really feel like you were in these places :P Thanks for the compliments. And thanks for getting a copy!

Hello Heartache,

Welcome to our blog. Yups, I respect singaporedream for doing a 2-year trip on a motorbike. Thanks for liking our calendar. We are only doing wall calendars - they are bigger thank desktop ones, so the photos will look better on them. We hope that won't stop you from getting a copy though and that you will save a place on your wall for it :) Do drop us a note at degoatman@hotmail.com if you're interested.

Tina said...

I confess!

This is the first time I visited your blog but now I wish I started reading it earlier.. Seems like I have a lot of catching up to do!

Love your blog guys!! ;p

Tina ;p

Yi Lin said...


Yeah, why did you start so late? Hmmm? Well too bad, now you have speed read and catch up with us. But better late than never! Thanks for ordering a calendar :)

heartache said...

Hi Yi Lin

thaxs for the reply! unfortunately, I got to disappoint u.

I actually wanting your calendar for my workplace and literally there isnt any wall i can beautify with your calendar.

nonetheless, do keep your blog active. I am lurking as much time I lurked into sporedream pages!

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