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Monday, October 19, 2009

Forever Heat Rub

Best heat lotion... ever!

In addition to the Aloe Vera Gelly, Artic Sea Omega-3 and Aloe Lips with jojoba, we have one other sponsored item from Forever Living in our arsenal.

We had specially requested for this back when we were first planning to do the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Even though our plans changed to a more comfortable means of visiting the Incan ruins, we still had plenty of opportunity to use Forever Living's Aloe Heat Lotion.

The Aloe Heat Lotion is a fast-acting muscle rub, similar (but better!) to Deep Heat or Yoko Yoko. In fact, based on my experience with it, it seems to take effect even faster than any of the other muscle rubs I've used before. And believe me, I've used plenty during my 2.5 years in the Singapore Armed Forces.

During this trip, we have applied Forever Living's Aloe Heat Lotion after our more strenuous excursions, like the 2km hike a mountain in Otavalo, our long, long walk around a lake in Cuenca, the Santa Cruz trek in Huaraz, after pulling my back as we sandboarded in Huacachina, and after even after scaling Wayna Picchu to get a condor's eye view of Machu Picchu!

Impressively, each time we used Forever Living's Aloe Heat Lotion, we were up and ready to go the next day, with no muscle aches at all. I can still remember the times when I applied other heat rubs for days before the aches disappeared. And it's not fun to see others wrinkle their noses at you when they smell what you have on for days and days...

The reason why Forever Living's Aloe Heat Lotion seems to work so well is because of the main ingredient, aloe vera. Aloe vera contains a chemical called lignin, which helps the heat lotion penetrate your skin better to work on the muscles quickly and more effectively.

In the times that we have used it, we have also noticed that the more you ache, the hotter the cream becomes. For example, after the walk round the lake in Cuenca, we had applied the lotion on our thighs and calves. There was a warm tingly feeling, comfortable and soothing. But after I pulled my back falling off the sandboard in Huacachina, the lotion seemed to seep right into my skin and cause a furious burning that really sped up the healing process. It was actually painful for awhile, but it felt so good after that! :)

We strongly recommend using Forever Living's Aloe Heat Lotion if you are engaged in any strenuous physical activity. Use it after your tennis sessions, or after your marathons. Believe us, you will not regret it!

To get your hands on Forever Living's Aloe Heat Lotion, please contact my friend Jasmine by clicking here or emailing her at jasjas.ng@gmail.com today!

Heat relief comes cheap at USD 12.29 per tube. Check with Jasmine for possible discounts!


Water filter said...

I was looking for some info I stumble upon this blog. its very interesting and useful. thanks for this info. Its very effective product.

Jasmine Ng said...

Hi Yilin, your friend, Hui Sze order 2 heat lotion from me!

I never tried apply heat lotion during snowy weather.. Still feel the burning sensation?

Have fun!

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