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Friday, October 2, 2009

Seeing (and Tasting!) Singapore Again

How time flies.

It's been 6 months since we left Singapore and embarked on this journey of a lifetime. Through our travels, we have seen and done many amazing things, but we would be lying if we said there wasn't a tiny bit of homesickness in us.

That's why even National Day this year was a little more poignant for us.

Singapore was also the host city for one of the legs of the F1 Grand Prix. As it was an international racing event, we were also caught up in the fever of anticipation. Our sense of pride and anticipation was also heightened by the announcement that in addition to the F1 race, there was a whole series of concerts contributing to the vibrancy of our homeland.

The Black-Eyed Peas, showcasing Fergie's booty

Beyonce, showcasing Beyonce's booty

Ah well, we just had to celebrate our Singaporean-ness as well. So, at the semi-ungodly hour of 7am, we were already awake and seated before the almighty TV, all for the opportunity to see our glittering city again.

Totally missing the widescreen HDTV at home

Darnie was showing Yi Line some awesome throbbing machines

As soon as the race started, we realised that there was another problem. We had totally forgotten that the commentary was in Espanol! Thinking fast like Hamilton's Mercedes, I figured that there might be some possible way of getting live commentary online.


The F1 site actually does provide live commentary! The Live Timing service gives you a table of the drivers' positions, fastest times, gap (meaning the time gap between the driver and the current race leader, nothing else!), status (whether in pit, out or resigned) as well as a pretty useful chat-box like window, where the real commentary was published like an ongoing Twitter update. If I wanted to, I could even check out the temperature and wetness of the race track! Talk about informative!

You are beautiful. You are precious. You smell nice.

Once we got that settled, my mini-me started breaking out the munchies. And what awesome munchies they were! Of course, the wife purposely picked this time to have a sore throat, so I wouldn't feel bad about eating more than my fair share. I love her for little things like this.

Or maybe she was really having a sore throat. I'm not sure, actually. Either way, it worked out fine for me! :p


And after watching the F1 race on TV, it is always fun to check out Facebook for my friends who were at the event. Because despite the whole rigmarole of choosing the Singtel Grid Girls, none of them were featured on TV! It was good to see some Singaporean booty, even though I still admire the wife's every chance I get.

Dangerous curves ahead. That's why they are caged.

My friends, my friends. Seems like tons of them were there, but none of them actually
bought the tickets themselves.

Or am I wrong?


Macadama Nutter said...

i see u have used the caged beauties pic!

Dannie said...

yeah. couldn't see the other pic you sent me :(

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