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Friday, October 16, 2009

Sew Special 2

Life on the road has been a little more entertaining ever since our DanYilin action figures by Su-Lin Designs arrived on the continent.

For one, they are great conversation starters. And we get a welcomed break from answering questions about ourselves ("We're from Singapore", "We are on a year-long trip in the Americas", We are going back in March 2010", etc.) all the time. Now if only the dolls could do all the talking for us.

Secondly, I think they also inject a little bit of humour into other people's lives. People who spot us carefully positioning the dolls for a photo can't help but smile at the unexpected scene. It's not everyday that you get a meet some sock dolls having a field day at Machu Picchu or Lake Titicaca, you know. Unfortunately, sometimes the humour is at our expense - like when the customs officer conducting bag checks at the Nasca airport pulled out our dolls and threw us a questioning look. I felt rather sheepish to be caught carrying dolls in my bag. After all, we're a bit old to be toting stuffed toys around. Plus we don't have a kid with us whom we can use as a scapegoat. At least the customs officer was amused.

So, as you can see, there's real joy in owning a sock doll, better still if it's customised to suit your fancy. Be it modeled after your favourite animal or a well-loved personality (like, say, yourself... *ahem*), here's a peek at how much fun you could be having with a bunch of socks!

Mooning unsuspecting passengers from the upper deck of a bus (Lima, Peru)

Getting to know the locals better (Uros Islands, Lake Titicaca, Peru)

Brightening up the desolate desert landscape (Salt Hotel, Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia)

Better yet, get a pair of sock dolls and have twice the fun!

Taking in famous sights and sounds together (Machu Picchu, Peru)

Matching jewelery isn't always cheesy, especially when they are cool Andean cross pendants (Salt Hotel, Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia)

Every sock doll needs to have its own personal photographer (Huacachina, Peru)

Owning a pair of action figures means you can expect twice the amount of action. Depending on what they get up to, such actions can get a tad embarrassing...

At least it's safe.... (Hotel Bed, Nasca, Peru)

Sock dolls can also be pretty good company. Better than your own spouse at times. Especially when the wife refuses to laugh at any more corny jokes about chilling in chilly Chile with chili. Even worse, she bans you from making such jokes, leaving you to stew painfully in your misery.

At least this other wife still laughs at your jokes (somewhere in the desert, Bolivia)

Because you can no longer offer your wife as a virgin sacrifice (somewhere in the desert, Bolivia)

Plus, sock dolls are pretty good with animals and pets.

Getting cosy with the pet alpacas (hostel in the middle of nowhere, Bolivia)

The parrot really didn't like Darnie's rude bird jokes (Huacachina, Peru)

If you have something to promote, like a business or a blog, the dolls can lend an extra hand or two. Or a head.

Having a head for business (Lima, Peru)

So if you would like to be the proud owner of a uniquely-designed or custom-made sock doll today, be sure to check out Su-Lin Designs for some ideas of what you could own. Either select from the current collections offered online (see website for prices) or get in touch with designer Tracy herself for a personal consultation if you would like something a little more to your liking. Remember, each sock doll can be highly personalised. Prices for bespoke creations depend on the level of customisation required.

Tracy has an eye for details and nimble fingers that create fine handiwork

From now till 1st December, Su-Lin Designs is taking orders from customers in Singapore. All orders made during this period will enjoy free delivery from the UK to Singapore in time for Christmas. Running out of ideas of what to get for your family and friends this holiday season? Tired of shopping for run-of-the-mill presents like photo frames, bath towels and toiletries sets? Resigned to being 'safe' and unexciting by distributing shopping vouchers every year? Why not give your loved ones a gift that you really want to give for a change? Present a Su-Lin Designs sock doll with pride this year!

But why limit yourself to early Christmas shopping? Plan ahead, people, plan ahead! Birthdays, weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, Valentine's Day are all perfect occasions to spoil someone with a special creation from Su-Lin Designs.

Let us avid divers be your stunning example of planning ahead: we have already placed an order for a pair of marine creatures, to add to our current collection of sea critters sitting pretty around our pond at home. It's a secret for now as to what they are, but I don't think you will be able to find them on a store shelf anywhere in the world. Yes, I dare say that they are that unique. You'll meet them on the Su-Lin Designs website soon enough!

Order now and watch the faces of your loved ones light up when they unwrap that special sock gift. Our faces definitely did!


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