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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome To Cusco!

We wound through the Andes and arrived in Cusco last Friday at 3,395m after a grueling 15-hour bus ride from Ica's sandy dunes.

DanYilin welcome you to Cusco!

View from our hostel terrace in San Blas

Too mesmerised by the view to remember to offload the backpack first

The charmingly-lit path down to the main square, which is flanked by fairy lights on the mountains on both sides

The breakfast room and terrace above it

Cusco at night, view from hostel terrace

We are super-knackered by our 2-day trip to Machu Picchu and need to get some sleep (and packing) in before our 6.50am pick-up tomorrow for our ride to Lake Titicaca.

More updates to come later!


WeLoveRoy said...

Its either my new macbook screen but the shots in this short post is amazing! Nice pictures!

Yi Lin said...

I think its 2 things - yr new Mac n the gorgeous blue skies with dramatic clouds in Cusco! Samay Wasi is a great place to stay - great view, hot showers, gd beds, wifi n the best coffee in S.America! And u get a free thighmaster work out by climbing up to the hostel too.

Tracy Su said...

How'd you get that expansive sky effect? Camera-trick or the skies really look like that? They even look expansive on my little iBook screen!

Yi Lin said...

Haha, well, firstly, the buildings are all pretty low, and we're on higher ground. Thus - more sky comes into view. Plus I'm using a wide-angle lens - which makes skies look great, but not people...

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