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Monday, June 8, 2009

Burlington Likes

I came. I saw. I liked.

Random stuff around Burlington that cau
ght my fancy:

Swing benches along the Lake Champlain waterfront. Swinging boy not included.

The Odd Couple

The flowing Niagara Falls-like briar that almost swallowed up my parents. Spot 'em.

The heavenly aura around Vermont-grown coffee beans

Sun-catcher paintings on the floor

A wall-full of pick-n-mix cereal. I LOVE hamster food!

Watching planes land and take off while relaxing on rocking chairs at Burlington airport.

US$2.99 from Borders. So that I can create more beautiful images.


Honyi said...

Babe, I love the second pic! Looks so tranquil. Makes me want to go there to chill out NOW.

Yi Lin said...

Yes, it was so deserted, we thought it was a private dock, but its for public use. Lake Champlain is pretty, a little gloomy at times, but nice and quiet. There were mosquitoes though :(

Eliany said...

Hey Yilin! Love your blog and been following it since the start. The stories are so funny and your pics so lovely. Your family is so sportive, esp in the NY pics...haha! Hope you guys are having a fabulous time over there! :)

Yi Lin said...

Hi Eliany,

Thanks for following! Yeah, we had a great time with the fam. It's back to us on our own now, booking cheap hotels, sharing cheap meals, looking for free things to do. Scrimp more, travel further! Keep reading!:)

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