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Saturday, June 27, 2009

My New BFF

Since September last year, Paris Hilton has been holding auditions and searching for her new Best Friend Forever (BFF) to replace Ms Nicole Now-Busy-With-Husband-&-Baby Richie. We've never caught an episode of the show (which is amazing, judging from the number of Friends and Family Guy reruns we've seen) but the trailers are pretty entertaining. The latest one for the third season features one of the contestants, a blond Paris lookalike (surprise surprise), being asked to describe some of the challenges she has overcome in her life. The girl, get this, bursts into tears on the spot. Drama at the turn of a tap. I hear that Ms Hilton also had a go at finding a British BFF for the UK season and has since extended her search to the Middle East in Paris Hilton's Dubai BFF.

I'm happy to announce that I too have found a new BFF. I still want to keep the Hubs of course (he's pretty useful to have around), but this new BFF is really really good - sticks with me through frustrating times when I feel as if I'm being attacked left-right-centre and helps take the pain away. I never ever go anywhere without my new BFF now.

As an illustration, this was life in Florida before I found my new BFF:

His (note those smooth unmarked legs)...

and Her's (look ... and feel my pain)

So, here's introducing my new BFF, called.... OFF!

OFF! The best BFF a girl can have

Going out in the open used to be a traumatic affair. With my new BFF, I no longer have to worry about being hurt anymore...

... by horrid evil giant bloodsuckers like this one!

Hey bugger, buzzzzzz OFF!


Theresa said...

i started feeling itchy after seeing the pic of your legs Yilin! *scratch scratch*
Hope you are having a great time over there.. :D

PS: Mr Cho, don't say i never leave any comments!

Ada said...

=) You guys are really having fun! By the way the giant mozzie looks really fab - considering it's the wife's bra and a straw!

Yi Lin said...

Theresa - yeah, the mozzies are mean. They aim for the back of the knees, where it's hard to see and smack them. But they're quite big and slow, so easy to hit when they fly in front of you. The ones here in the Bahamas are much faster and smarter.

Ada - yeah, the next time you hold another theme party, we know what to dress Dan up as.

Yeepster said...

Without the mozzie description, looks like a photospread from W magazine with Bruce Willis & his new wife... go check out the Jul issue... sure to be conversation piece for this Sat's dinner gathering.

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