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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Missing the In-Laws

The in-laws were with traveling with us from New York to Boston to Vermont to Montreal to Vermont and back to New York. The siblings actually left earlier, during the second Vermont stop, but the parents stayed on till we returned to New York again.

I must say that their presence was a welcome change from just the wife laughing (or rolling her eyes) at my jokes. Now I had a bigger audience! Now that they are gone, I can't just help but wish that they were around for just a little longer. So, this blog is all about the things I will miss most!

Little bro Yuj -

Personally trained by Professor X

He's physically incapable of taking a decent photo, but everyone adores him just the same. More often than not, he thinks great thoughts. I have no idea what goes on in his brain when he goes into that semi-trance state, but I'm sure it has things to do with ending world hunger and promoting world peace. Or chopping chilli.

But in the meantime, yay! - Someone I could talk about Star Wars and comics with!

Eating boats may be a partial solution for world hunger. Hmm...

Crazy sis Ju, aka "Lint"

The latest app is called Dork and Dorker

She's sometimes this totally cool person, and sometimes this absolute dork. Yi Lin has already posted Dunce with Me and Dunce with Me Again, so I will share this other exchange that made us laugh till we cried.

Dad: Can I have a coffee? I can't function without coffee.
Me: Ooh... sounds like you're addicted!
Dad: (sniping at Yuj) Well... at least it's only coffee, not cigarettes. Such a disgusting habit.
Yuj: There we go again... everytime someone mentions you and coffee, you bring this up.
Ju: I really don't see the issue what... coffee and cigarettes, they contain the same things that make you addicted, right?
All: ......

Yup, Ju has these quirky ways of seeing the world, sometimes it warps reality as we know it, but other times, it introduces us to new ways of looking at things.

Oh, and she taught me how to make a baby too. Isn't that great?

Apparently, standing on your head is called a baby in breakdance language. Go figure.

MIL - whom I respectfully call 'Mum'

Mum was stalking us on Facebook and our blog, and must have come to the conclusion that our diet is totally crap. She seemed to have made it a personal mission to ensure that we are properly fed. Hence, she cooked delicious stew, Hainanese chicken rice, fried rice, wanton soup at various mealtimes during their trip.

What's cookin'?

Of course, it was also totally hilarious whenever she called her kids by the wrong names.

"Jin! Ju! I meant Ju!"
"Ju! Jin! I meant Jin!"
"Jin! Ju! I meant Dan!"


And of course, there's dear old Dad.

Had his coffee!

He's an avid photographer, but would rely on others to download pictures from the camera, charge the battery and of course, pose with the flowers/buildings/scenery that he actually wants to capture.

Just like the way I would instinctively reach for my iPod Touch when I'm bored, he would reach for the camera and constantly review all the pictures he's taken.

Just like a little kid who can't wait to see it on a bigger screen

But having dad around with us for this trip is totally essential.

Essential for our safety, because he would be the ones figuring out exactly how the locks on the doors work, testing them and checking and rechecking that they are locked before we turn in for the night.

Essential for our well-being, because he would come to us and let us know where the dangerously placed handlebars in the bathroom were so we would not knock our heads on them, or where a screw is protruding a little more from the floor than usual, so that we do not step on it and puncture the soles of our feet.

Especially so for Yi Lin and I, he's presence is essential for our budget, because without us asking, he has generously waved his magic credit card to all our expenses incurred while they were traveling with us. Thank you so much!

When I look back on the adventures we've shared together during this trip, I really feel blessed. Not only do I have a lovely wife whom I'm still incredibly in love with, but I get along well with her family too. Abundant recompense*, indeed.

"Pier"-ing at the camera, waiting for it to click

* The Father-in-law quoted William Wordsworth's Tintern Abbey during our wedding. I now re-quote it:

That time is past,
And all its aching joys are now no more,
And all its dizzy raptures. Not for this
Faint I, nor mourn nor murmur, other gifts
Have followed; for such loss, I would believe,
Abundant recompence.


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