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Sunday, June 7, 2009

We are only young once..

Beautiful weather greeted us as we made our way to La Rhonde, the Six Flags themepark up in Montreal.

Roller Coasters make us happy!

Totally psyched!

Le Map

With my last visit to a themepark being Disneyland in Orlando last Apr, it was swell experiencing again coasters like, 20x the size of say, "Peter Pan" or "Space Mountain" (which has been SO hyped up by dad! "It's pitch dark okay...with sudden turns and drops...aiyoh can get heart attack")

Wait 'til you get your ass strapped down to one of these babies!

Our warm up - 'Le Monster'. Monstrous (and creaky) it sure is!

You get to stand on this one - "The Cobra" - so when it twists upside down..you're technically doing a headstand!

I remember seeing this back when I was a kid, at some themepark in the UK...

Now I finally get to ride it!!! (That's Dan btw kicking Yi Lin's swingchair...if you're wondering why he's grinning like that)

SOAKED! On the log flume. Good thing the sun was up and dried our clothes in 30mins.

We blazed through the 6 main coasters and the rest of the rides within 3 hrs, going for second rounds on most of them. The great thing about going to the park on a May Saturday are the short Qs. (Coasters are notorious for making you Q 2 -3 hours for a freakin' 1 min. ride, of which half of it you don't see because the speed makes your face and thus your eyes all scrunchy). Which means we get to enjoy them more with less frustration from the long Qs! However be sure to bring along some entertainment for the waits, be it a book, an ipod, or better still, a brother and a brother-in-law, who, as seen below, provides other very useful services:

A safekeep for the popcorn and coke bottles while on the rides :)

Much appreciated since most of the time your hands would be too busy holding on to the safety grips, up in the air, wiping drool from your mouth or shielding your mouth and eyes from on-coming flies.

Eventually, all that work and the screaming and running around got us really hungry, and so we settled for middle eastern food.

Damn good Falafel and hummus!

Too hungry and absorbed in savoring our $50 lunch, we ignored the evil gulls above us eyeing our food, and, in a vindictive act of spite, one gull released a dollop of poo millimetres away from our coke, and landed on the table with a loud SPLAT!!! We certainly wern't expecting that, and snatched the bottle away from the infected area. Hopefully the 3 second rule applies here too.

Sanitizing religiously at every chance

Filled stomachs didn't stop us from continuing our rides, and by the time we decided to leave, it was almost 6pm. Spent from our adventures at Le Rhonde, we set off on another quest in search of the infamous Walmart bucket of wings, but, we'll leave that for another time. Enough adrenalin for a day.


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