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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Warp Speeding - the best way to warp lives and cars

We drove into Montreal with the family after spending 2 lovely nights in Stowe, Vermont. Upon reaching the city, we were already aware that the drivers here are a different breed from the relatively friendly Americans.

The people of Montreal are French-speaking, and sad to say, they seem to behave like the typical French (or some would argue, Singaporeans). No one would give way, if they could. And they would also toot their horn at you to show their displeasure. In Singapore, road markings are fairly clear, and you would know when you are at fault for drifting, turning from the wrong lane, and so on. Not so easy in Montreal. The road markings there are so faint that at times I had trouble determining if I was in a single lane or 2 lane road.

Because of this, and also because parking was so darned expensive, we spent most of our time in Montreal walking around. And it was during one of these walks when we came across what seems to be a road safety exhibition.

I thought it was pretty neat, that the city just took up the parking space at the side of the road for this public service exhibition.

The Autobot was into bondage

And the exhibition was pretty simple too:

3 trucks, with 3 cars secured on them, and a signage that told you a story. Now, this was aimed at locals (because foreigners are already scared off the roads), so it's in French.

I've never studied French before, so I hope my interpretation is correct!

Julie, Age 18
Drove at 150km/hr in a 100km/hr zone.
Fine $339 and 5 demerit points.

Simon, Age 22
Drove at 100km/hr in a 50km/hr zone
2 infractions too many?
Fine $668 + 10 demerit points

Mathieu, Age 20
Drove at 121km/hr in a 50km/hr zone
Lost control and crashed

This was indeed a sobering reminder not to take road safety for fun. Lives CAN be lost.


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