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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Haulover Beach

We cleared off another item on our checklist (as mentioned in this post) while we were in Miami. Miami... such a nice name. Split it up and it becomes 'mi ami', or 'my friend'. Cool, huh?

Anyway, there is this place in Miami called Haulover Beach (such a nice name! I would split it up into something that describes me... 'hau [good] lover') where clothing is optional.

We decided to make a trip to this beach just to take a look. Just a look. If it was full of old, fat fugly people, we were out of there, right? But no... we were pleasantly surprised that there was a huge variety of people and body types there. I mean, it really sucks to have the best bodies on this beach, because everyone would be looking at you. So I'm kinda glad that there were better bodies around.

Interestingly, being on a nude beach is not exactly an erotic experience. You luxuriate in the freedom of not having a stitch on. You worry a bit about getting your privates sunburnt because they are so not used to seeing the sun. You apply sunblock as per normal. You sit up and look around and amaze at all the people just sunning themselves, mostly as couples, but sometimes in groups. There was even a group of students! It boggles the mind, but the Florida International University is pretty much right next door to the beach!

So, as I was saying, there are no problems with errant flagstaffs. After awhile, it's actually possible to just settle back, tune out all the nudity around you and just read... until 3 naked youths approach you to join in their Young Nudist Party the very next night...

As the sun got hotter, we started to really get worried about sunburn, so we rented an umbrella for USD 10. It turned out to be a wise choice, as we later realised that the guy renting out the umbrellas was doing a sellout business, and within an hour, no longer had any other umbrellas for rent. Everyone else just had to burn!

We really enjoyed the experience, so we decided to make another trip down the next day. But not before we scoured all the department stores in the area and purchased an umbrella from K-Mart for USD 16!

This trip is all about new experiences. And frankly, I'd rather sun my ass than freeze it. I just hope that all that lying around was sanitary. After all, we don't want to get crabs, eh?

We know they're around somewhere... they autographed the sign.


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