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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Security at the White House

You wanna visit the White House? You wanna visit the President of the United States?

Well, it's not that easy, because he's very well-guarded. There's the Secret Service, tons of guards at the White House... all walking around with sensors and armed to the teeth.

Here's a picture of the first line of defense:

Yup. If you don't have an appointment to see Mr President, then you have no choice but to approach the nice policeman in the car and you know, hold him.


Good thing I had an appointment.


Lint said...

Huh? Were you doing this while half-asleep? Can't really make sense of the blog.

sigh. miss you guys, and miss traveling already! Work is getting more demanding :(

Dannie said...

Okay, I guess I have to spell it out then. You wanna get pass the policeman? Either you show him that you have an appointment, or you go hold his ass.

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