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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Idle Musings about the Color of Sunsets

The wife had shared some shots of an amazing sunset when we were in Key West.

That sunset was really an amazing, spectacular pink.

When we were Eleuthera, we found a nice spot near the Caribbean side of the island for sunsets. So we dragged our butts over out of our cottage for 3 evenings to try to catch the best of what the island had to offer.

We started with Evening No. 2, because we had just arrived on Evening No. 1 and were conked out. And weather wasn't great either.

The sunset for Evening No. 2 was pretty enough, but lacked a certain oomph to it.

Evening No. 3 was muy spectacular, though. And by far my favorite of this trip!

I tried finding out on Google what makes the difference in colors of a sunset. After all, we only have one sun, but the colors and radiance of the sunset varies from Singapore to Maldives to Key West to the Bahamas.

I guess I can write Singapore's sunset off from the list of the spectacular, simply because of the pollution in our country. Yes, the NEA says that pollution in Singapore is well within safe levels, and I guess I can agree with that. But having breathed the air in countries like New Zealand, or parts of the USA, there is no way that we can say that the air in Singapore is unpolluted.

Other than pollution, some other factors raised were the altitude, density of various layers of air and how they are interacting with one another and humidity.

Since Key West and Eleuthera are basically at sea level, we can again rule that factor out for causing a difference. I am really interested in seeing how the viewer's altitude might make a difference, though. We may be climbing a mountain or something in Peru. So maybe there's a chance there.

So that leaves the humdity and density of layers of air, and how they interact as the probably reasons why this sunset looks so different. Judging by the number of clouds that were present at our sunset at Eleuthera, I guess air and clouds and moisture does have something to do with it.

Evening No. 3 sucked. No photos for you to enjoy. Haha!


iluzdaf said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful series of sunset photos!

The price of progress is pollution. Although the irony of it is that polluted skies can still make beautiful photography subject!

Dannie said...

Hey iluzdaf,

Hmm... that's true. I guess that's a good way to look at it!


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