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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On Board the Carnival Victory: Looking for Lost Muscles

Friends who have been following our adventures know that other than when we are splurging on IHOP and Ben & Jerry's, or when the wife's family was around, we are generally very miserly with our food budget.

Unfortunately, all the good deals for food have always been for fast food, like tacos from Taco Bell at USD 0.89, or USD 5 for a foot-long from Subway (which we would share), or even buying a whole chicken from Wal-Mart at USd 4.68 and having that as a meal!

Unfortunately, these meals were neither deeply satisfying for our palate, nor very healthy. But this blog entry is not about food. Rather, it is an entry about the consequences for suddenly being able to go for buffets all day.

Carnival Victory offers a staggering total 8 meals a day. And that's not counting the 24-hour free flow pizza and ice-cream! Knowing that we would be pretty much gorging ourselves silly (especially after starving ourselves silly in expensive Bahamas), we made a pact to hit the gym at least twice a day - once before breakfast and exploring our ports of call, and the other after returning to the ship.

We almost met our target.

Twice a day on most days saw us on the treadmill or elliptical machines, doing weights, and resistance training, as well as stretching and toning. But we only saw the gym once on days 4, 6 and 7, and we have to confess our sins, and ask ourselves for forgiveness.

Starting with the most reasonable excuse...

Day 7 - We could not gym in the evening of Day 7, because we received a notification from the crew that all bags had to be packed and left outside the room between 2000hrs and 2300hrs. With dinner at 1830hrs and the finale Legends of the Sea show at 2230hrs, we convinced ourselves that there was no way we could digest our dinner, gym, shower and pack before 2230hrs.

Day 6 - We had spent an amazingly humid and hot day on a beach in Antigua (that post will be out shortly) and had felt dehydrated and totally sunned out. There was no more energy left for gym.

Day 4 - This one was totally my bad. I convinced the wife that multiple screaming orgasms constitutes a good workout. So we worked out in the cabin instead!

Come to think of it, I have no regrets! :)


WeLoveRoy said...

So after you did all the screaming.. yilin still had to hit the gym to get her workout? Hmmm :p

lint said...

OMG 24hr FLOW OF PIZZA???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dannie said...

WeLoveRoy: Nah... Yilin was tired out too, from making me scream.

lint: Yes! 24hr free flow pizza! But we only ate one though. Cos pizza was part of our earlier unhealthy diet!

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