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Friday, July 31, 2009

Scenes From La Candelaria

We are SO glad to have left Bogota for the countryside - which seems very lush and peaceful from the little that we've seen during the 8-hour journey by bus. (Our estimated time of arrival was delayed by 2 hours, thanks to a horrid traffic jam which just had to happen a mere hour before our stop.)

Sad to say, we left the hostel feeling rather miffed this morning. We had originally planned to leave Bogota at 10am sharp, so as not to arrive under the pitch-darkness of the night in a new city that we were unfamiliar with. One of the hostel staff offered to accompany us to San Gil, as he was coming here for the weekend too. We agreed to leave together at 9am, so as to suit his schedule. Anticipating an early departure, we rose at 7.30am and were ready by 9am, only to spend 1.5 hours spacing out on the couch waiting for this guy who never turned up!

Anyway... (deep breath)... we have decided to put all the negative stuff behind us - stinking robbers, freezing weather, polluted air, icy showers, rude hostellers and non-existent so-called travel companions - and look ahead to discovering Colombia's beautiful side.

So here's a simple picture-book post of some of the prettier scenes in Bogota's historic La Candelaria area, to end our 18 nights in the city on a high note.

(All photos taken with my Canon DSLR on the first, only and last time that I brought it out on a walk.)

Plaza de Bolivar, where you can buy a packet of birdseed to feed the pigeons

Hundreds and hundreds of icky pigeons. We had to guard our food and drinks (especially ice-cream!) closely to prevent errant feathers from sticking to them. The beautiful Catedral Primada and the smaller Capilla del Sagrario in the background.

Dan, flanked by the Capitolio Nacional (the seat of the Congress) in classical Greek style and the French-style Alcaldia (mayor's office)

Against a backdrop of 3 churches in a row - Inglesia de San Francisco, Inglesia de la Veracruz and Inglesia La Tercera

A very grand-looking school compound we pass by everyday when walking from the hostel to the city streets and back

An interesting tile painting on Calle 10 - a paved pedestrian mall. The lower part of the street is heavily patrolled by military police 24/7. The upper part - don't go there. The robbers will get you. They got us.

The narrow streets in La Candelaria are flanked by old buildings in pretty colours. They help distract us from the harrowing uphill walk that leaves us panting everytime. Many of the buildings house beautiful airy courtyards bathed in natural light (and chilly air) - similar to shophouses in Singapore.

I wonder whether there's actually a room behind those windows. Seems funny to build a wall for the sake of holding up 2 fancy bay windows. Or maybe the entire second floor was demolished and all that's left is the facade?

One of the many museums in the area. Entrance is all free-of-charge

Sunset casting an orange glow on the buildings. Flags all unfurled in celebration of Colombia's Independence Day

Spectacular sunset


WeLoveRoy said...

Sigh... so nice..

Good to see the 10-22mm out of cold storage also! Excellent pics!

Yi Lin said...

Nooo, pictures taken BEFORE dlsr went into hiding. But we are in the countryside now, should have more opportunities to use it.

Stephanie said...

awesome!!! love it.:)

Yi Lin said...

Thanks Stephanie!

We're looking forward to showing, through our blog, the beautiful countryside of Colombia. And the people are SO kind and friendly and lovely here. And we feel very safe - our friend tried to get someone to steal her camera (more details on that in a later entry) and couldn't succeed. We're having a great time! :)

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