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Friday, July 17, 2009

The Mystery Explained?

My sister is notoriously bad at getting her geographical and scientific facts correct. To recap, this is the girl who peered over NYC from the viewing deck of the Empire State Building and asked where the Pentagon was, got Lima and llama mixed up, then claimed that coffee was laced with nicotine and cigarettes contained caffeine.

She left a comment on our blog entry about our electronic equipment going awry and insightfully pointed out that we were within the confines of the Bermuda Triangle when it started happening. And boy did she get the Triangle area spot on i.e. the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean, with Miami, Bermuda and San Juan forming the points of the triangle encapsulating the Bahamas.

Known as the Devils Triangle, the region is famous for the mysterious disappearance of a number of aircraft (including an entire flight squadron) and vessels, which were alleged to have vanished in circumstances beyond the boundary of human error, piracy, technical equipment failure or natural disasters.

Stories have it that strong magnetic forces in the region can cause compasses and electronic equipment in machines to go quite bonkers.

There are also tales of these disappearances being attributed to paranormal activity or extraterrestrial beings aka aliens. Which could explain why my sister got her facts straight this time - I have always suspected that she was from Mars...

But yes, it is all rather creepy isnt it?


Lint from mars said...

*beams with pride*

Yi Lin said...

Yes, this entry is dedicated to Your Brilliantness for putting 2 and 2 together. Correctly!

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