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Saturday, July 25, 2009

You Know Me So Well, Baby

We woke up past noon today. It felt quite good to sleep the trauma from the mugging off and also not have to sit ourselves down to 3 hours of sentence construction in Spanish.

While seated on the bus to another part of town this afternoon, Dan (who was standing) looks down at me and mouths "pok-keh".

Me: *sad face* :(

DC: Don't worry, baby. You're not a chicken.

Me: I wish I could have at least given them a good flying kick in the balls.

DC: Err, you do know that I tend to be the victim of your actions right. When you squeeze lime, the juice squirts into my eye. On two occasions that you ate crab, the crab juice and chilli sauce spurted into my eyes. When we sleep, you sometimes barely miss kneeing me in the groin. Knowing how bad you are at aiming, you would probably have kicked me in the balls instead of the robbers.

Me: Hahaha, yeah. That would have been damn sad. Losing our camera and you getting hurt in the groin.

And just to prove how well my husband knows me, I stand up from my seat and in the process of reaching for the handle overhead to steady myself, I accidentally knock him squarely in the jaw with a good-sized uppercut.


We exit from the bus with Dan nursing an aching jaw and mentally adding to his list of blessings that his wife didn't attempt to knee any robbers in the groin yesterday.


jeannie said...

oh no guys! Sorry to hear that u got mugged!! Thank goodness both of u r not injured.... so how now? 2 cameras down...one drowned and another got camera-napped.... can go and get some pepper spray or something like dat or not?

Dannie said...

Hey Jeannie,

We got ourselves another camera today. The same one that got napped. Since we have the original purchase receipt and a police report, we are hoping that the insurance company won't give us any problems with claims. *fingers crossed*

Yi Lin said...

Pepper spray could be an option! Before we left, my uncle was saying how we should carry a taser with us! Must be quite satisfying to ZZZAAAPPPPP any wannabe robbers and fry their heads off.

WeLoveRoy said...

Hmmm I personally think that its a bad idea to fight back. Just be even more careful, secure the camera properly, snap pics when you see no nasty people around. Fighting back is bad if they have got even more people standing watch..

I guess getting a meaner looking haircut would help too! :p

Jeannie said...

hmmm... actually, i agree... don't resist the muggers if all they want is your valuables... not worth it. Insurance will cover the napped camera. Just be more aware guys... good luck for the rest of the trip! I'm following you guys regularly on the blog :)

Lint said...

Alternatively, hang a parang from your belt.

Yi Lin said...

But that's the thing - you whip you one parang, they whip out three. I'm just glad I didn't get to see any knives being used. The Taiwanese guy in our hostel (who ALSO got robbed of his camera) suggested carrying an umbrella and filing the tip of the umbrella till it's super sharp. Umbrella would be readily available (since it's already in your hand) and you can stab someone from a distance... Sheesh, it's it awful how one violent act gives rise to a host of violent thoughts.

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