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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Interesting stuff people search for

Longtime readers might have noticed that I recently started serving Nuffnang ads.

So far, it's been good, because Nuffnang helps us get out blog noticed by the Asia Pacific blogging community. (Again, the more readers we have, the easier to score sponsorships - I need a new camera badly!)

The other good thing about Nuffnang is their Analytics page, which lists the geographic location of the visitors (Mostly Singaporean, but also quite a number of Americans!) to our blog; which referral website brought readers to us (mostly Facebook!) and most interestingly, what search terms were used to find our blog.

Isn't it amazing that there is actually somebody out there searching for the term 'naked dragonboat'?

I would love to know what prompted that particular search!


Dancesport Malaysia said...

I do not think Nuffnang Analytics shows you the countries the visitors are from, unlike Adsense Analytics. Adsense Analytics even tells you the cities the visitors are from!

Dannie said...

Hi DM,

Sure it does. There's a tab called 'Came From' that shows what Nuffnang calls 'Visitors by Geolocation'. But you're right that Google Analytics breaks it down even further into cities, unlike Nuffnang.

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