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Monday, November 30, 2009

Buenos Aires Starts Off Sizzlingly Hot!

The last time we felt truly warm was when we were in Vieques, Puerto Rico. That was also where my Olympus camera, Oly, died.

And since Oly died, we have been feeling cold. Sometimes it was due to the altitude. Or the winds. Once or twice, the snow. Occasionally, the rains. And any other combination of the above. It felt as if Oly was giving us a 'gentle' rebuke for letting it die.

Look at our pasty white faces from months and months of cold!

Well, I guess our penance has finally been paid. We arrived in hot and humid Buenos Aires from Barriloche and were immediately perspiring. It really feels strange to feel beads of sweat trickle from our foreheads to our necks, down our backs and nestle in a growing patch of wetness in our ass cracks. But then again, it's an astonishingly welcome sensation!

Unused to the heat and humidity, we stayed indoors for the entire afternoon, only emerging for dinner in the evening. And along the way, we finally saw what my sister-in-law has been hoping we'd see - dancing in the streets!

Great, isn't it? We told ourselves that we had to learn a few tango moves while we were here. Keeping our fingers crossed!


Hann said...

Great isn't it, Argentine tango. :) Stay safe!

Lint said...


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