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Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Taste of the Road

After so much downtime in the last few cities that we stopped in, we were more than raring for some outdoor adventure in Argentina.

Fortunately for us, Mendoza had lots to offer in terms of winery tours, river rafting, paragliding and horse-riding. We flipped through a few brochures, clicked on a couple of websites, made our bookings and finally set off for some Darn Action!

At Hostal Casa de Pueblo, Mendoza

Eee Lint: Hey baby, wanna check out Mr Hugo's?

Darnie: Does he grill kick-ass Argentinian steaks?

E: Erm, no... he offers bicycles for rent and provides cyclists with a map of the wineries in the Maipu region near Mendoza. I think we both need some exercise - you're looking a tad lumpier around your bottom, and my tee and pants don't seem to be able to cover my tummy anymore :(

D: *cranes wobbly neck around to look at own butt* Gee, you're right. At least we still have big smiles plastered on our faces.... we're fat but happy! Let's hit the road then. We need to live up to our Action Figures namesake!

At Mr Hugo's

E: Alrighty, here we are. I think it was mighty nice of the bus driver to let us ride for free when we didn't have enough coins to pay the fare. And he dropped us off right at Mr Hugo's door step too.

D: Hmmm, I think we're a bit small for the bikes. Look at your Biggie trying to get on her bike... her toes can't even touch the ground! And that's the lowest the seat can go already! Hahahaha! Shorty, shorty, nyeah nyeah nyeah!

E: Shut up and get into the basket. I've found the perfect way for us to ride - where I'll be able to get a clear view of the wineries. Now get down on all fours...

D: Ooooh, kinky! Wha... what? Huh? Mmfmmmfffffmfmmmfff!! *doubles over, nose to toe, as Biggie YL folds him into half*

All on board Mr Hugo's bikes

5km Later

D: Omigawd, my back is breaking already! That was the longest 5km ever with the bumpy gravel roads and uphill bits.

E: Look, our Biggies are parking their bikes in this vineyard. Ooooh, I think they're going to bring us into this winery! D-I... T-O-M-A-S-S-O.... toh-mah....

D: THE TOMATO!!!! I can read! I can read!!!

Bikes abandoned by eager wine-tasters

The Tomato Vineyard & Winery (according to Darnie)

E: Put a sock in it, would you? Ooooh, I wanna sit on those barrel tops with the comfy red cushions!

What a great idea!

D: What do you think is in this big wooden tub? Steak? I heard that cows are pretty big. Is this where cows are grown and stored till they turn into steak?

E: No, silly, it's wine. I really don't know what your darned head is stuffed with sometimes.

Wine whose days are numbered...

Now if you gain a little something from reading our blog (and the numbers we give you), please share some of the spoils with us!

D: *climbing all over wine barrels* Whoops! I got some wine on myself.... it tastes nice! Mmmmm. More please!

2 Minutes Later

D: *hic* Look at me! *hic* Look at me! I can dance on these round things! *hic* I'm soooooo haaaaappppy!

A (tad too) happy Darnie

Another 2 Minutes Later

D: Gosh! I'm feeling really sleepy. This cranny here looks rather snug.

You are feeling sleepy.....

Just another 2 Minutes Later

D: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


E: So much for being an action figure. At least some dolls can hold their liqueur and still look good! Mmmmm, this wine is really sweet.... *sip*..... *sipsipsipsipsipsip*

Holding her liqueur....

.... not any longer! Feeling happy! Wheeee!

30 Seconds Later

E: *whimper* I don't feel so good. I wanna go home to my Ziplog bag and snooze in my Biggie's backpack *hic*

D: I'm so sloshed. I'm glad our Biggies found us amongst the barrels. Ewww, I think you puked all over your shirt....Hey look, we're lying next to FOOD! What do you think they're eating?

Biggie to the Smallies' rescue! Back in safe (and roving) hands.

E: It's there on the menu....

Which menu? The Special Afternoon Treats menu....

... or under the Chef's Suggestion? Well, neither!

E: It's a really long name. I can't read but I heard the waitress say that it's the Tabla de Dulzuras Mendocinas... what is that? Why didn't they get the brownie with ice-cream or homemade tiramisu? I know my Biggie likes dessert, especially chocolate!

D: And my Biggie likes CHICKENNNNNN!!! He's the Chicken Monster! I wonder why he didn't go for the 'Chicken To The Disco'... sounds appetizing!

E: I think they're going for the most unique item on the menu. They wanna try something that is distinctively Argentinian. Your Biggie said that it's a "tasting of typical Argentinian sweet preserves with goat cream and our emblematic dessert wine Albina Di Tomasso Amabil".

Sweet fruity preserves, natural nutty flavours, smelly cheese and very little wine!

D: *licks some sticky goop off the table* This is sweet....must be the preserved fruit. *licks some white cream off the fork* And this is, ooooh, pretty salty and smells quite funky! Goat's cheese, eh? They go pretty well together, especially when you throw some nuts into the mix. Just like you and me, baaaaaaby....we go so well together, don't we? *the best drunk lecherous look that he can manage while stuck in default grinning mode*

E: Don't be gross! OH OH OHHHH!!! Why is the wind so strong all of the sudden? The staff are scrambling to clear the tables and keep the chairs. What's going on? Our Biggies are running for their bikes! Hurry, hurry, keep up with them! Stop lumbering around like a sick monkey! What's wrong with you?!

Back on the road

D: The wind is blowing heaps of dust into my little eyes! I can't see a thing! I wonder whether we can make it back to Mr Hugo's in this dust storm.

E: I see police trailing us on motorbikes. I think they are trying to keep us safe from the traffic. Ow! It's raining seeds and twigs from the trees. Ow! Watch it!

D: We're turning off into a small lane. I think we're heading for shelter in a.... C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E....F-A-C-T-O-R-Y....

E: We're heading for CHOCOLATE FANTASY! Hah! I can read too!

At Historias & Sabores

D: The other tourist advised us to stay here for an hour, till the wind dies down. It's called the Sonda. They all say it with a very grave tone... Sonndaaaar. Sonndaaaar. It blows in from Chile, about 5 times a year. How lucky can we get?!

E: Well, looks like there's nothing to do here but to taste some CHOCOLATE!!! We each get to try 1 shot of liqueur, 3 squares of chocolate and 3 spoonfuls of dulce con leche or preserves.

Only non-humans and non-sock people can not be enticed by the well-stocked colourful shelves!

It's tasting time!

10 Minutes Later

E: Whoa. The mint chocolate and dulce con leche cream liqueurs were pretty strong.

D: The chocolate was kinda sweet, huh. Even for me. I think your Biggie likes the dulce con leche con cafe though. She's buying a small jar. I'm gonna take a dip in it tonight! Ever had a caramel bath, baby? Ooooh yeaaah! *grinds hips*

E: If I could, I would so roll my eyes at you now.

The jar that was not kept in the same bag as Darnie

On the bus back to Mendoza

E: *big wave at Mr Hugo as the bus pulls forward* It was really nice of Mr Hugo to wait with us and see us up the bus.

D: That was an enjoyable excursion, wasn't it? Good exercise, nice scenery, new flavours and friendly people. And it didn't cost too much.

E: Yes, my first time cycling through the wineries went really well. Except for the *grave voice* sonnndaaaarrr though. My Biggie was asking, didn't she only just get out of the Bolivian desert less than 2 weeks ago and laundered all her clothes? Haha, felt like we walked right back into the desert again back there!

D: Feeling dirty, baby? I would be more than happy to wash those soft little cheeks of yours for you.... *face contorts into yet another not very successful drunk lecherous chocolate-stained look*

E: Yikes! I'm going back into my Ziplog bag now... and sealing it TIGHT!!! Goodnight baby, rest well. Heard that we're going on some horseriding adventure tomorrow! Nites. Love you.

D: You can go sleep early. I'm joining the Biggies for dinner. I heard that they're cooking STEAK tonight! Woooot!!! *runs off towards kitchen*

5 Minutes later

D: *scuttles back* Oh, by the way, I love you too. Yah.


Zennnnnnnnnnn said...

Love your pics as usual!!!

Tracy Su said...

So darned cute! This has cheered me up after a hard day's teaching. As usual, I can't help thinking about the funny looks you guys get with you and dollies.

Who wrote the script? Might be a money spinner while on holiday...good stuff!

Yi Lin said...

Thanks babes!

Trace: Glad that that the dolls are still bringing on the smiles long after they have flown the nest. They've been freezing in the cold Patagonian weather though in their tees and berms/pants!

I wrote it while on a passenger ship down south. Must be the awesome views that provided some inspiration, altho I kept getting distracted by the urge to abandon the draft and run out on the deck to snap photos.

Was wondering how to make the post more interesting rather than regurgitate a day-long itinerary. And I didn't want to make it guidebook-ish and just tell ppl how to do the tour - wanted to express the personal experience we had. So I forced the dolls to talk for us!

Rhys said...

Great work guys! Very creative!

Yi Lin said...

Heh, thanks Rhys. But have you read Dan's next post yet? Result of a dearth of creativity! So we distract our readers for a day or two while we get back on track.

Rhys said...

Read already, I don't know the answer! And I can't find the link to the answer either!

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