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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Because I Am Mentally Blocked...

I was supposed to blog about our horse-riding experience in Mendoza since yesterday, but I haven't had the inspiration to produce a charming, witty post.

Added to that, we are in process of finalising our calendar orders, so it's actually been a pretty hectic 2 days on the laptop, taking orders, confirming orders, delivery addresses, and sorting out payments. Of course, I haven't been doing it alone. The wife has been also sending out personal emails to sell our Limited Edition GO 2010 calendars, and also checking and confirming the incoming payments. Then, there is the excellent friend, Theresa Lee, who also helped troubleshoot why payments are not coming into our account and totally SOLVED the problem. Good stuff.

Except that it pretty much left me brain dead.

So, my mind wandered, and hit upon this old logic puzzle that was one of the very first that I deduced without peeping at the answer. Think about it, and see if you can figure out the answer.

Comments will be disabled for this post, but will be enabled again in my next post, where the answer will also be revealed.

Hope you find it a diverting exercise for the brain as well! :)

So here's the story:

4 explorers were trekking through the jungle when they were captured by a tribe of hungry cannibals. Afraid for their lives, the 4 pleaded for mercy.

The Cannibal Chief said,"Well, we are going to bury you up to your necks in the ground. My men are going to make sure you do not talk to each other, or they will cut your tongue out. I am going to place 2 black hats and 2 white hats on your heads, souvenirs from the last group who fell into our trap."

The Chief leaned forward and looked each of them in the eye.

"Now, if any one of you can figure out what is the color of the hat you are wearing within 3 minutes, I will let all of you go."

And, so they were buried, with 3 facing a red wall, and the last facing the same red wall, but from the other side. There are no reflective surfaces of any kind nearby, and the Cannibal Chief was canny enough to place and secure fasten the hat on each head without the person knowing what was the color of his own hat.

Buried in deep s**t

Yet, after 2 minutes, one of the explorers spoke up, and all 4 were subsequently released. Who spoke up and identified the color of his hat, and more importantly, how did he know?

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