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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Puerto Natales In Pictures (aka I'm Feeling Too Lazy To Blog)

After waking up to yesterday's sudden snowfall, which lasted through the day, we peeped through our curtains the day after to find glorious blue sunny skies!

We threw ourselves out of the house for a pre-breakfast stroll along the waterfront.

All dolled up and waiting to go out to sea

Slightly older boats waiting for a facelift

Eaten away by the sea

The pier here is in pretty bad shape too

A battered old dame who lead a colourful life in her younger days at sea

The early bird gets the worm. The early humans get the nice photos.

Along the waterfront on the other end of town: only the cormorants have use for these wooden stumps

For a small fishing and port town, Puerto Natales has a surprising number of small, stylish, boutique hotels. This one is designed to look like shipping containers, stacked up and awaiting their ocean voyage

Over the next 2 days, we were victims of Puerto Natales' finicky weather. The husband peered through the bathroom window while on a toilet visit and saw nice clear skies. He made me shut down my computer "NOW NOW NOW!" and chased me out for an afternoon walk.

To be safe, I grabbed my hat, buff and gloves. I ended up donning everything just 30 seconds after we stepped out of the house.

Who told me that it was nice weather for walk, hmmm?

One of the cuter things we saw on our daily walks in town, just outside the used book store

Nice dustbin

Chasing sunshine and dodging snowfall can sure work up a good appetite. But the thought of eating yet another hot dog, chicken and chips plate, pizza or pasta - all part of Chile's awful standard fare - can silence that growling tummy. Thank goodness there's lots of fresh catch available in Puerto Natales to replace all that junk food on the menu!

Seafood soup (which I suspect gave me a bad tummy afterwards cos I don't usually eat shellfish. Poh chai pills to the rescue!)

The safer but very good option - crispy golden brown fish fillets!


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