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Friday, May 22, 2009

Dunce With Me Again

Over breakfast this morning, someone was still obviously trying to cover up for her ginormous mistake on the Empire State Building the night before.

LL: Did you know that
technically, the Pentagon can be seen from the Empire State Building? It's just that the human eye cannot take it. So we can't see it. But technically, it can be seen.

DC, YL & YJ: What are you talking about?! If the human eye cannot see it, then it cannot be seen!

LL: Noooooooo, technically it can be seen. Just not by humans.

YJ: Okay, okay, stop it. Just stop it. You're beginning to sound crazy.

So now you know. Aliens are out there. On a tour of the Empire State Building observation deck and enjoying a nice view of the Pentagon. I'll tell my sister to ask them for a few souvenir photos while they're at it.

After all, she's from Mars too.
Standing on your head too often leads to brainsquashing.


Yeepster said...

Maybe she's philosophizing... like, 'if a tree fell in forest and there's noone to hear it, does it make a sound?' - if Pentagon can be seen, but noone can see it... is that Chu squashing her head? Maybe that's why la. Listened too much Coldplay's 'Rush of Blood to Head'?

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