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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dunce With Me

So we're up on the observation deck of the Empire State Building, 86 stories above ground level, and peering out over New York City sprawling below us. The free brochure points out various iconic buildings which can be seen from the deck - the Chrysler, GE and Woolworths buildings, just to name a few.

The deck is pretty crowded, so the family is spread out around the deck, trying to find some nook or cranny to squeeze our faces through to get a glimpse of the view.

All of the sudden, this chirpy voice pipes up from behind us: "So where's the Pentagon?"

Dannie and I roll our eyes and turn back to see who's the idiot who asked. And horror of horrors! The face that looks back at us obviously shares the same gene pool from which my own genes were drawn....

DC (I was stunned into silence, so the man speaks for the both of us): Err.... I know this building we're on is pretty tall, but not that tall....

LL: Why, why? Is the Pentagon very small? Or very far away from here?

DC: .... it's in Washington DC.

LL: ....

DC: Yeah..... WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! (sputter sputter)

LL: Then what can we see from here? The Octagon?

DC: No. Cos that's in Singapore, on Cecil Street.

LL: Damn. I feel stupid.

The face of a dunce. Unfortunately (for me), we're related.

Excuse me while I go change my face.


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