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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cotion Of Ponfusion On Wroadbay

Traveling with the family can be tricky. Even more so when they're now living in a different time zone and their ears have yet to pop from the long flight to NYC.

(1) Animal Crackers

Li Lin: If I were to produce a Broadway musical, I would do Disney’s ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’.

All: Oh… hmmm, okay.

LL (mulling thoughtfully): I wonder how I could portray the lima…

All (puzzled looks all round): The WHAT?

LL: The animal?! The lima?!


(2) Sister Cities

Dad: I was telling your mum that we should watch a musical on Broadway, like ‘Calcutta’ or…

All: Like WHAT?!?!

Dad: Like… Cal…Chichi…CHICAGO…

All (ROFL): WAHAHAHAHA! Calcutta and Chicago are very different lah!!!

All (singing): CAL-CU-TTA! I’m a taxi driver in CAL-CU-TTA! Taxi taxi taxi in CAL-CU-TTA! I am a Taxi Driver Maaaaaaaaaan!

(3) Presents From Home

Mum (passing YL a package from the luggage): Nah, here are your shoes from Jennifer.

Dad & Yu Jin: Here are your GENITALS?!?!

YL: Jennifer lah you! JENNIFER!

(Sorry, Jen! The guys’ ears must have still been blocked from the air pressure on the flight. Thanks SO much for the spiffy red sneakers! Very apt for walking around NYC. Thanks to you, I have a bit more style now! Same clothes, new shoes – but more style!)


Jennifer Goh said...

omg!!! please don't call me dat when u and hub get home next year!!! wahahahah :D
glad u like the shoes, they are real comfy! (how i know? cos i just got another exact pair in purple from nike! i love them!)
more walking around with the shoes :)
hugs xxx

Yi Lin said...

Wah! Purple sounds cool. Wear and take pix to show!

Ok, if you don't remind us, we won't prob won't remember that your name rhymes with 'genitals' by the time we get home. I hope none of your friends read our blog though and call you that!

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