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Monday, May 11, 2009

Boulder - A Stone's Throw from Denver

Forbes (2009): Boulder best town 'to live well'

Yups, this year, Boulder topped the magazine’s list of “America’s top 25 towns to live well.” In 2008, Forbes put Boulder at the top of its “smartest cities” and “best-educated cities” lists. I think its something to do with the graduate community from the University of Colorado in Boulder, who, unlike other graduates who zip off for greener pastures in sexier cities, actually stay on to live and work in Boulder.

I also read somewhere about how bicycles in Boulder match up to (or was it outnumbered?) the number of residents in the town. And how the thoughtfully designed bike lanes and cycling trails encourage this mountain town's residents to give up their vehicles for a bicycle ride to their destination instead. Coupled with high altitudes, fresh air and a mountain range for your backyard, I guess these are the winning attributes that pushed Boulder to no.1 for its high quality of life. Unfortunately, I also hear that the real estate prices are just as high. Darn!

After exploring the farmers market in town last Saturday, we wandered over to Pearl Street Mall, a pedestrian mall in the heart of Boulder's downtown. Pearl Street is a much smaller mall than Denver's 16th Street Mall, and it doesn't have a spiffy shuttle service, but it has its own fair share of stylish outdoor cafes and quaint, eclectic shops.

Pearl Street Mall

Vibrant shopfronts

Colourful al fresco cafes

Rocking Pig! Rawk on!

Lost (mall)rat in a pink sweater. Oh... you mean that thing's a dog?!

Flowers were in full bloom!

Sidewalk activities galore!

Some little kid chosen to perform tricks for the audience... and the busker gets the money! Smart.

Very cool balloon man who made ladybird, butterfly, fish and unicorn shaped balloons for $1 each

Outdoor arts and crafts lesson

Lunch time!

Looking ridiculously cute with his ridiculously crooked haircut

Eyeing other people's lunch

Watching the world go by

Very hungry.... sipping on iced water while waiting for our food.

It's here! Chicago-style deep dish pizza! Mmmmmm!

Look how thick the slice is - but how thin the crust is! Ooozing with yummy goodness.


Oh yes, one could really live very well in Boulder.


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