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Friday, May 15, 2009

A Happy Mistake

I got my butt featured in the Pittsburgh Tribune today.

The wife and I took a wrong turn from Fadz's place and ended up on this hill called Mt Washington. Met a photographer who sneakily took pictures of my butt, then came up to us and said that he took our pics, and ask for some info on what we were doing there. I suppose the story we gave him was plausible enough.

So we made it to their webpage (click to picture 2/21), and supposedly their papers (which we haven't seen it yet).

Screenshot credit - Theresa Lee, whose favorite letters are F, O and S.

Actually, I was just pretty irritated with the wife for giving me faulty directions. It's really not esy to drive in Pittsburgh, with their many road signs, narrow lanes, congestion and lack of lanes that allow you to either go straight or turn.

So, I was actually about to push the wife down the slope, thinking that no one was watching, when Mr Keith Hodan approached us. Curses, foiled again. I think I'll forgive her this time, since her mistake has made us famous. But I'll get her the next time!


*cue spooky music*


F.O.S. Girl said...

Sally's famous too! :P

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