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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where's The Cod?!

Isn't it funny that throughout our stay in Cape Cod, we never saw cod on the menu or for sale? It was always lobster lobster lobster and of course, the famous New England clam chowder. I'm not a fan of clams (and its shellfishy relatives like mussels and oysters - I've given them enough chances and still can't grow to like them) but I gave the chowder a shot anyway. It was so thick and creamy that it made it hard to see the clams, much less pick them out. Anyway, it turned out okay cos somehow the clams managed to taste like chicken :/

I clam up when it comes to eating clams

Being here in Cape Cod, we had to try a New England lobster! On a related note, my friend commented that the quality of our meals seems to have improved tremendously now that the family is in town. Well, it just goes to show that once you're a parent, you'll always be an ATM to the kids. I'm deeply appreciative of the good food we're being treated to for these couple of weeks. If not for them, we wouldn't be able to come anywhere within sniffing distance of a seafood menu. It'll be back to the budget fare when they leave in early June *sniff*

Lunch by the sea

The little guy we ordered came steamed, slightly shell-shocked and clutching a bowl of melted golden butter and decked in a delicious shade of bright orangey-red.

Sharing fries with our new friend

You can't run and you can't hide either! *evil laughter*

Being terribly suaku when it comes to eating seafood, we've never had to tackle a fully armoured whole lobster before. Lobster at home comes nicely halved, cleaned and all you need to do is poke your fork into its torso and pull out a nice string of juicy meat. Short of going to war with this lobster, we did everything we could to break the shell and wrentch it apart with our bare hands (and a measley cracker tool), while trying to stop the muddy yellow goo from dripping down the sleeves of our jackets or squirting into somebody's eye. It was like a scene from the movie "300". Brutal. Disgusting. Gross. At least in the movie, I could close my eyes during the gory bits. But here, I had to look at what I was eating (or trying to eat)! Our server said all the yellow stuff was fully edible and recommended spreading it on crackers.... *stomach churning* Dad offered to pay my brother US$50 to take a bit of it but the kiddo refused. Dan stepped up to the challenge but was informed that he wasn't eligible for the task cos he eats everything!

We mangled our food... really badly.


That was my first and last time ordering a whole lobster. I'm sticking to food that I can eat without calling up the caveman instincts. Like fillets.


Yeepster said...

Maybe should get your Dad to pay Dan US$50 NOT to eat...

Dannie said...

Hmm... see? I warned the wife about this. She's made this illusion about me being a big eater, which is not entirely true! Sigh.

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