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Friday, May 15, 2009

Brunch On Walnut

Walnut Street in Oakland is lined with small shops with stylish shopfronts, ranging from popular fashion chains (Gap, Victoria's Secret, Sephora) to standalone toy and curio stalls, cafes and bakeries, a creperie, and a couple of art galleries. In other words, 200 percent better than Pittsburgh's yucky downtown Strip.

On Wednesday, we had brunch at Pamela's on Walnut. Pamela's specialty dish is the hotcakes. These are no ordinary hotcakes from Maccer's (which are really just plain ol' pancakes.) Pamela's hotcakes are like a cross between crepes and pancakes, with nicely browned crispy edges. We had ours stuffed with blueberries and cream (Dan's order), and strawberries, sour cream, brown sugar and fresh cream (MINE!!! All mine!!!!)

Pamela's on Walnut. Beautifully outfitted in classic black and white (for real)

The simple joy of brunch on a weekday - no queues!

I shall leave Dan to post photos of the food - which are still being held captive in his camera.

We loved this toy shop along the street which stocked games and tricks from our childhood. Like those foam aeroplanes that come in pieces and you slot the parts together. And silly trick items like whoopee cushions, plastic flies, bug-in-ice-cube, the strip of "chewing gum" that snaps onto your finger and the dollar bill attached to an invisible retractable fishing line. We loved the Flying Monkey and his bloodcurdling holler. And the toy bull that actually grates its hoof on the floor and charges! I couldn't resist buying something for the Sis from the store. Will reveal the pressie later when she meets us in NYC, so as not to spoil the surprise.

We checked out some cute stuff in another store. I'm really not a fan of the cutesy Japanese toys which seemed to fill the entire store. But I loved the rack of GIANTmicrobes plush toys! These are representations of every germ, micro-organisim, illness or ailment you can think of. There was HIV, Algae, Penicillin, TB, Pimple, Cough - everything! Hilarious!

Once again, you know who to ask for the photos.... ahem.

I don't like kawaii stuff. Only GIANTmicrobes.

And.... that's all I have of Pittsburgh so far. The black and white city. Here's one last picture for the road. In colour. Because the art is so pretty.

Docs Place on Walnut

Just whimsical

And this is me signing out from Pittsburgh.


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