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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Snip Snip!

With the slew of Facebook quizzes populating my Home page every time I log on, I caved in and finally decided to try one of the newer ones.

It's called "What Does Your Husband's Hair Shape Say About Him"?

Q1: Where does he usually get his hair cut?
a) @Home By Mummy
b) $10 haircut at QB house or equivalent
c) high-end hairdresser at Orchard Road
d) his hair no longer grows and thus does not need to be cut
- Answer: b

Q2: Who last cut his hair?
a) mummy
b) gay hairdresser
c) wife
d) self
- Answer: d

Q3: Why did he choose this person to cut his hair?
a) stubborn refusal to let the wife do it
b) stubborn refusal to let the wife do it
c) stubborn refusal to let the wife do it
d) stubborn refusal to let the wife do it
- Answer: a, b, c, d or 'all of the above'

Here goes nothing!

Q4: What type of cutting equipment was used?
a) lawnmower
b) sheep shears
c) US$6 hair scissors from Wal-Mart
d) US$1.97 craft scissors from Wal-Mart
- Answer: d

Q5: What was the cutting technique used?
a) grab into bunch and lop off whatever sticks out of fist
b) trim carefully from right to left, 3mm each time
c) random chopping
d) place Tupperware over head and trim along edge
- Answer: a & c

Snip snip snip!

Q6: What was his reaction to the new haircut?
a) sad
b) regretful
c) remorseful
d) found it all a big joke
- Answer: d

Not the typical reaction you would expect after a bad haircut

Q7: What was his wife's reaction to the new haircut?
a) aghast
b) horrified
c) mortified
d) doubled over with laughter and had to hold onto wall for support
- Answer: all of the above

Q8: Who does he best resemble with his new haircut?
a) Spock from Star Trek
b) Legolas from LOTR
c) a puppy
d) a mushroom
- Answer: a (but 'd' is also acceptable)

Wondering whether to try trimming the sides... and deciding not to for fear of lopping off a ear.

Q9: How does he think he looks with his new haircut?
a) stupid
b) cute
c) stupid
d) cute
- Answer: all of the above

Q10: Does he intend to change it in the near future?
a) Yes
b) No
- Answer: b

Thank you for completing the quiz! The result is "Elliptical"!

Description: Men with elliptical hair shapes are insanely and wholeheartedly devoted to their wife. They sincerely believe that their wife is equally deeply in love with them too, as only such a wonderful woman would still consider going out in public with them. They tend to like being with an empowered, self-confident woman who will not feel embarrassed to be associated with a Spock lookalike or Trekkie. They are quick learners and will learn from experience to let their wife handle future hair-cutting attempts and to invest in proper US$6 hair scissors.

True love is loving your man, regardless of his hair shape.

To my husband: Thank you for making me laugh. I love you lots *ruffles your elliptical hair affectionately*


Jennifer Goh said...

this is so classic!!! :D i like this entry!!


Chet said...

I think you may just start a new trend for dorky DIY hair style. But I still love you too! *muah* :p

Yi Lin said...

Haha, Jen - must be cos you're a fan of FB and like doing quizzes :P I liked writing it.

Chet - my mum read saw the pix and is bringing her hair scissors to "do a better job". I think your brother will put up a strong fight to keep his crooked DIY fringe.

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