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Friday, May 1, 2009

Leveling Up!

I'm one of those gamers that is obsessed with completing everything. Pass me a RPG (role-playing game) and I will play it while referring to GameFAQs to make sure I complete everything. And completing everything also means that I have an associated obsession with leveling up. So when the wife suggested this theme to me for our next blog entry, I jumped at it!

So, with our stay in the USA so far, both the wife and I have leveled up in different ways. It's just like different classes in an RPG (y'know... warrior, elf, mage, etc)!

Dannie's Leveling Up (Transport class):

Level 1: Class 3 licence obtained in Singapore
Level 2: Drove a 6-seater in Western Australia / New Zealand
Level 3.1: Left hand drive in the city in Los Angeles
Level 3.2: Left hand drive on the highway in California
Level 4: Left hand drive on a RV
Level 5.1: Left hand drive on a RV on icy roads
Level 5.2: Left hand drive on a RV on icy roads in the middle of a snowstorm
Level 6: Left hand drive on a RV on icy roads in the middle of a snowstorm in a mountainous area!

Yilin's Leveling Up (Food class):

Level 1: Helped mum beat an egg
Level 2: Helped mum roll the dough for CNY goodies
Level 3.1: Microwaved doughnuts
Level 3.2: Made spam sandwiches
Level 3.3: Made Nutella sandwiches
Level 4: Prepared "plain vanilla" pasta
Level 4.5: Prepared pasta with spinach, fried eggs, sausages, etc. Delicious!

Unfortunately, while I seem to have obtained a higher level for now, it is doubtful that I will get to advance any further for a long time. Yilin, however, still has plenty of chances to upgrade and eventually surpass me. Which is how games with good game balance work as well.

Which reminds me... when the hell is Starcraft 2 going to be released???


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