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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Too Many Towels Spoil The Bath

When the hotel gets too generous with the towels, how do you remember which towel is for wiping what?

DC: Did you just wipe the spoon on THIS towel?

YL: Yeah. Why?

DC: I wipe my FACE on this towel! This is my FACE towel.

YL: The spoon is clean what. Actually, I think I wipe my face on this towel too.

DC: You could have used THAT towel for wiping utensils... or the corner of THAT towel. I wipe my face on THIS towel!!!

YL: Hiyah, your complexion is still so nice. And so is mine. What's the big deal?

DC: Better not take things for granted ah you.

10 minutes later....

DC: *mock wiping action of a newly laundered item with face towel*

YL: What are you doing? *suspicious look*

DC: See, THIS towel is for wiping stuff. I wipe my face on THAT towel.

YL: You mean you're still sore about me wiping the spoon on your face towel?

DC: Hmmm. Nahhh. *smile*


weloveroy said...

Whats with the towels... this is exactly like my gal's issue with me using her towel.. its not my fault that the resort gives out white towels only!

Anyways towels are for wiping body parts... not spoons..

Dannie said...

Hello weloveroy,
Yup, those towels are meant for wiping body parts. But if your gal makes an issue of you using her towel to wipe your body parts, maybe she has an issue with your cleanliness? You two need to communicate more... :p


Yi Lin said...

Hmm, wonder who decided on the name 'weloveroy'. Dan's the one who's always carefully placing HIS towel on the left and mine on the right. I still keep grabbing the wrong towel and placing the towels in the wrong order. Don't see the issue with sharing towels what.

cheekane said...

Dear Dannie and Yilin,

Hi! I'm a sg'rean student in South Carolina, chanced upon your blog, and think that your trip is exciting, brave and enviable. And your blog posts are interesting reads as well! Will you guys be passing by SC at all? Will be glad to come by and say hi! Take care and enjoy your plentiful towels! Have been in that situation before =p

Yi Lin said...

Hi cheekane,

Thanks for leaving a comment. Yeah, doing this trip involves some sacrifices, but we're glad we took the giant leap and are on the road now. Our original plan was to drive down the east coast, passing through SC, in particular Myrtle Beach and Charleston and down to Savannah in GA and beyond. But car rental costs are killing our budget, so we'll be zipping down the coast by plane instead so that we can get down to the Caribbean and S.America sooner and spend our $$ there instead. So unfortunately, we'll be missing out on SC.

Which part of SC are you in and how long will you be there? It must be a mighty great experience studying and living there :)

cheekane said...

Hi. Yea I believe that there must be huge sacrifices but it sounds like you guys are enjoying yourselves so that's wonderful! I'm in Charleston, been here for almost a year now and will probably be here for a few more years. Pity you will only fly past, but I suppose you can enjoy the view of the coast and everything here from the air =)

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