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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Walk In The Park (& The Mall)

Gosh, it's 3am here and I really should be getting some sleep. But I really want to finish this string of entries *rubs sleepy eyes* I've no idea whether I'm living on American time or Singapore time anymore - it certainly feels like I'm back on Singapore time, it being 3pm back there, when I would be frantically tippy-tapping on my office laptop. So this entry is going to be a short one yah?

After collectively polishing off half a cow at the burger joint in Cambridge, we thought some vigorous walking would do us good. So we headed for the public gardens in downtown Boston. We all agreed that it was a beautiful park, well maintained with colourful spring blooms sprouting from the flower beds.

Boston Public Garden

We came across this interesting flowers that looked like giant dandelion puffballs.

Anyone know what flowers these are?

Flower bud - before it gets all big and poofy

Lovely day for a stroll in through the garden!

From the garden, we crossed the street to Boston Common, a large green space - basically a public park with a pond, tennis courts, recreational areas, etc. This is where the Freedom Trail is suppose to start. Unfortunately, everyone was a bit goggled-eyed from the large lunch and freezing slightly in the chilly weather, so we didn't embark on the trail.

A little bald spot - but still a nice lawn nevertheless

We did a quick loop of the pedestrian mall along Washington Street, called Downtown Crossing. Nothing too spectacular, in my opinion. Lots of touristy stuff, generic departmental stores (okay, Macy's and Bath & Body Works do make for good shopping) and fruit stalls. We left with fresh peaches, mangoes and raspberries, some of which went missing when they rolled unnoticed under the car seats on the way back, and were only rediscovered this morning.

Downtown Crossing

Old vs New

Feeling blue?


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Anonymous said...

I think the poofy flowers are wild garlic? Did it smell garlicky? I think the scent is strongest before the flowers come up, which is also when they're best for cooking. The leaves are used, not the bulbs. They're chopped up and plonked into anything that requires garlickyness. I think I've got some photos...want to compare? :)


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