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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Residents of Parking Lots

One thing that we find interesting about Denver is that nobody bats an eyelid at those who make the parking lots their home. They just carefully avoid them, but no one kicks up a fuss or anything. Pretty cool.

The parking lot for our hotel is home to a large family, origins unidentified. We didn't go too close to take a picture, but here's one of them.

Playboy Bunny

I may be prejudiced against it's type, but it is my firm belief that this resident has been fornicating all over the place without using any protection. That's probably why there are so many of them around!

We saw another resident nearby when we were feeling a little peckish.

Goosey goosey gander, whither shall I wander?

Yup, little guy was so inconsiderate! Taking up two lots! Good thing the place wasn't crowded, so I was quite willing to just park somewhere else.

Oh, this brings to mind a little incident on our 2nd last day in Denver. We were in our car, driving towards Wal-Mart to get something for dinner. All of a sudden, two little figures darted across the road!

Wife: (sees that I was on a collision course with them) Bunny bunny bunnybunnybunnyBUNNYBUNNYBUNNY!!!

Me: (avoids the collision, calms down, then turn to the wife): That was so cute, the way you squealed. But why bunny? Why didn't you call them rabbits?

Wife: Because bunny is easier to repeat! Bunnybunnybunny is easier than rabbitrabbitrabbit!

Me: Oh. Okay, you had so much time to think, huh? (laughs) Hare, hare, hare!

Okay, I know. Super corny, right? But it's still funny! Hare, hare, hare!


Dale said...

It must have been a hare-raising experience ;p.

Someone should preach the virtues of abstinence to our furry friends or China/S'pore styled population control (1 or 2 is enough). Would you try speaking Harish or some variations of their dialect in Thumper or Bugsy twang? Haha...

Yi Lin said...

Er no. The only creature I sound like, according to the Hub, is Donald Duck, when I'm angry :(

There's population control for these creatures here. In the form of speeding vehicles.

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