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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ferry For Free

We taught the family how to live like poor church mice for a day - by bumming off a "Statue of Liberty cruise" for free. FREE FREE FREEEEEE!!

The so-called "cruise" is actually just the hourly ferry service between Manhattan and Staten Island (thanks Jen for the tip!) The ferry terminal at Whitehall is pretty spiffy and the ferry is quite nice, although we had to make a maniacal rush for the limited balcony space on the starboard side aka the Statue of Liberty view. (I really don't like how my ugly kiasu Singaporean traits inevitably surface whenever I'm in a busy crowded city....) And, most importantly, you do get a rather good view of the blue lady herself, albeit a very tiny one.

What we do in our free time - pose

Friends have commented on Facebook that my parents look fab in this pic. I agree!

The ferry ride doesn't just offer a glimpse of the oh-so-famous statue. Looking back as the ferry pulls away from the dock, you get a fantastic view of the Manhatten skyline too.

Whoo hoo! Beautiful sunny skies make a nice clear picture!

There she is! (Behind the REAL - but not FOC - cruise boat)

As you can tell from my photos, I don't own a telephoto lens and have to make do with my 18-55mm kit lens, so I've made the poor lady look like a midget in every single photo. Camera sponsorships are much needed and most welcome *hopeful look*

I'm tiny! Help me grow bigger by giving Yi Lin a kick-ass telephoto lens!

I think a break from the Manhattan smog and a good lungful of (relatively) fresh sea breeze was good for everyone. They were all bouncing with newfound energy and showing off all sorts of neat stunts when we got off at Staten Island.

Physically fit! Physically fit! Physically physically physically fit!

An hour later, we were back on the bright orange boat. I planted my butt on the deck in front as the boat closed in on Manhattan (I know, I know, being super kiasu!) for a spectacular view of the downtown and Brooklyn.

Priceless (literally) view

Pulling into the dock

And that, my friends, is how you save some moolah in NYC.


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