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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lucky Fortunes

On our first night in Pittsburgh, we had our first Chinese meal in months with Fadz, Hannah and their friend Marlos at Orient Kitchen, or OK for short.

Steamed white rice and Chinese tea had never tasted so good. We ate a farm's worth of stir-fried leafy green veggies. And fried squid, claypot lamb stew and - check this out: chicken with crispy milk. We totally forgot to take pictures of the food. Whooops.

Look what emerged from my post-dinner fortune cookie:

It's a sign! From the cookie factory god.

I wholeheartedly agree. So if this year-long trip is worth definitely doing, then I shouldn't worry that it cannot be done. Budget willing.

And look what's on the flip side of the fortune.

How educational! And as for the lucky numbers, I've already supplied the list to my uncle for his next trip to a Singapore Pools outlet. Wish us luck!


huiling said...

Heya Dan and Yilin..

So has your uncle struck big with the Chinese fortune cookie number yet? !

I see you are enjoying yourselves with slurpilicious meals and having tonnes of fun making pictures...

Got the friend from Boston who would be keen to host you guys when you head up north.. will drop you in a separate email..!

Yi Lin said...

Fwow! Someone wants to host us? Thanks lots babe. We'll be with the family at that time though. Will look out for your mail anyway. Thanks!

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