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Monday, May 11, 2009

Food to Diet For!

This entry might make you drool. Be hygienic - put a basin under your chin before you continue reading. After that, carefully dispose of the contents of the basin and wash it thoroughly.

Since we've arrived, we've been really watching our budget for most of our meals. Which means:

1) We are making do with smaller portions by sharing
2) We are spending less on food generally, which in turn means we can sometimes treat ourselves to goodies!

So, here is a small sampling of what we've had during our stay in Colorado.

The budget and unsatisfying meals:

Also known as TV dinners. You just buy these for USD 2 or less at Wal-Mart or Target, pop into the microwave and then eat the bland contents.

A miserly portion of fettucine alfredo with chicken and brocoli

Contains two (sorta) sandwiches. Tasted bleah. But hey, zero trans fat!

The semi-budget but ok-tasty meals:

New York style pizza - The wife says this is one of the top ten things to eat here, recommended by some website.

Then, we had the fortune to be staying right next to an outlet of the International House of Pancakes (IHOP), so here are the...

Slightly above budget but oh-so-damned-orgasmically tasty meals:

IHOP meals generally cost between USD 6.99 and USD 10. Reasonably cheap for their ample servings.

(ADV) IHOP is having 3 special menu items for their Summer Strawberry Festival!

The Sweet Strawberry Crepes do not disappoint!

I stuck to my favorite Butterscotch Rocks pancakes

This was on the dinner menu. Pot roast with mashed potato and garlic toast, smothered in deliciously rich gravy. Yums!

The pot roast was also accompanied by this funky concoction called the Italian Wedding Soup! Cool!

One day, we decided to have brunch at IHOP again. The wife ordered an egg omelette with mushroom (which came with 4 pancakes) and I ordered a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich.

Ooh... look at that! Aren't all of them so beautiful?

You are so beautiful. I'm going to put you in my mouth.

Now, I finished what I ordered, since it represents two meals. Reasonable, right?

But the wife - she could only finish half of her omelette and half of her pancakes, and wanted to pack the rest to eat for dinner! How can you pack pancakes and an omelette from brunch for dinner?!?

Very old egg had fungi in it

Seeing the difficulty she was in, and out of the goodness of my heart and at great personal health risks to myself, I helped her finish her food.

How was I rewarded? She forbade me to have dinner!

"Go to bed hungry, husband o' mine! Curl under the blankets and wallow in self-pity! I don't care! You have eaten my food and I forbid you to be hungry any longer!"


But I still love you, baby.

Having learnt my mistake, we were in Boulder the following day, and decided to get a

Way above budget but damn, there's nothing else that's reasonably priced around here meal:

This cost us USD 22, but was worth every cent. You know why?

A Chicago-style deep dish pan pizza with mucho ingredients supported by a thin but firm crust

Because when the wife stopped eating, the husband also stopped eating and declared that he was full too. And the USD 22 pizza was brought back to the hotel where it was resuscitated into dinner. That means USD 5.50 per person per meal! Yay.

Leftovers never tasted so good

Anyway, all this writing about food has started making me hungry again. I'm leaving you with a clip from Animaniacs. Enjoy!

Animaniacs video: Be Careful What You Eat


Jennifer Goh said...

NOW!!! I seriously MISS ihop!!! Thanks hor! :(

li ming said...

Yi Lin! Did you cut your own fringe too?

Yi Lin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yi Lin said...

Jen - *evil laugh* Go make do with Maccers Hotcakes near your place.

Li Ming - erm....*mumble* *squirm* *avoid eye gaze*... yeah *sheepish look*

Debra said...

I was just about to ask if you let your husband wield the scissors on your fringe! You two make a cute pair, Spock and wife :)

Yi Lin said...

Debra, my hubby failed arts and craft! So I only let him experiment on his own hair. The last time I cut my fringe was in NUS - it was waaaaay too short, kenna laughed at. So kept it long over the next few years. Was waiting for my mum to come over and cut my hair for me, but couldn't stand it stabbing me blind.

Does Spock have a wife even?! I dunno cos I'm not a Trekkie.

Debra said...

I have no idea too! It's okay - it's just hair; it'll GROW...


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