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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fall For Me

Free campgrounds are a blessing. And not just some creepy empty parking lot at the end of a dirt road dotted with potholes or inaccessible in early spring. But real campgrounds specifically designed as RV parks, which tired travelers can use free of charge. All it takes is some goodwill on the part of the city council.

We were suitably impressed by the North and South Tourist Parks in Idaho Falls. We read a few online reviews of these places and decided on the latter for its scenic location along the Snake River.

When we got there, we were hit by a strong whiff of poop which lingered in the air and started harbouring fears of our sewerage pipe leaking. The stink turned out to be from the park's residents, namely ducks and geese. But hey, wildlife in our backyard - pretty cool! We were pleasantly surprised to find free amenities like taps which provided fresh drinking water and clean albeit non-portable water, clean restrooms and even a dump if visitors wished to flush out their tanks. Now, if only there was free WiFi...

No, not as in the cartoon. That's in Colorado.

If you want a good spot, you gotta get there early to "chope". To other campers, a prime spot is one that is as far away from the main road, entrance or amenities as possible. To a Singaporean, the best spot is the one right next to the:

The prime spot - right next to the TOILETS!

South Tourist Park photographs beautifully.

Waking up to a wonderful river view? Priceless. Literally.


Zennie... said...

Heaves a sigh... of envy...


Yi Lin said...

Haha, such views don't really come free. We had to put up with the stink of duck poop (which we got used to after awhile), windy trips to the loo and an icy cold toilet seat.

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